Maker Space

SERVICE UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, our Maker Space services are currently unavailable. Stay informed of the latest updates to our Maker Space services. 

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A Maker Space is where people come together to learn hands-on skills with science, technology, engineering, arts, crafts and other kinds of making.

Please see our 3D printing pamphlet for information on how to get started.

Have a suggestion for equipment or programs that you’d like to see in our future Maker Spaces? Please send your ideas to

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Maker Space Vision & Guidelines

Vision Statement

Celebrate your curiosity. Enrich your choices in creativity, design, and making!

Maker spaces at RHPL are vibrant collaborative spaces for you to learn, create, grow and celebrate your curiosity. They empower you to develop your knowledge and learn new skills while bringing our community together through experimentation with science, technology, engineering, arts and more.

Maker Space Equipment Guidelines

Maker space equipment is available for RHPL members who are 14 years of age or older (users under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and the parent or guardian will be considered the primary user) and have: 

  • An RHPL card in good standing;
  • valid photo ID (e.g. Ontario ID, driver's license, student ID, etc.);
  • completed the necessary training and certification for the safe use of specific maker space equipment.


Reservations for equipment can be made by phone or in-person:

  • Same day bookings must be done by phone or in person.
  • Users may book up to one week in advance.
  • Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  • Library staff is available to assist in explaining the operation of equipment as time allows.
  • Supporting documentation, such as manuals and guides, will be made available.
  • Customers who need extra help are encouraged to book an appointment for one-on-one assistance by booking through or utilize online modules such as LinkedIn Learning
  • The individual who reserves a computer or equipment will be considered the primary user and is responsible for any damage or misuse of the equipment, regardless of the number of people using the computer or equipment.
  • The primary user will allow RHPL staff to check both their library card and one of the following forms of photo ID (Ontario ID, driver's license, student ID, etc.) to verify their identity.
  • Users who misuse or damage equipment will be charged a repair or replacement cost.
  • Customers must report to Library staff any accident, incident or unsafe behaviour that they observe.
  • Customers should immediately stop using and notify Library staff of any equipment that is unsafe or in a state of disrepair.
  • Equipment must be used in its designated area and can be moved only at the discretion of staff.
  • Unless noted otherwise, customers must use material provided by the Library and pay any associated costs.
  • Prior approval of Library staff is required where outside materials are permitted.
  • Users must save their work on an external memory device. USB memory sticks are sold at the Library’s full-service desk.
  • Users are responsible for deleting and/or removing any of their files (digital and/or print) from Library equipment.
  • Food or drinks of any kind are not permitted near the equipment.
  • Maker space computers are reserved for digital media projects and are not available for general computer use such as email, social media, browsing.

Maker space equipment cannot be used to create content that is:

  • Prohibited by provincial or federal law;
  • unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others;
  • obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment;
  • in violation of another's intellectual property rights, such as items subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.

The Library reserves the right to halt, delete or disallow the creation of items that it deems to be inappropriate.