Ontario General Election

Provincial Election

The Ontario general election is happening on June 2, 2022.

This election will give Ontarians an opportunity to select their provincial government for the coming years. The outcome of the election will determine the new Premier of Ontario and which party forms the government.

Ontario has 124 electoral districts, and each voter will cast their vote for the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) that they would like to represent their electoral district. The party with the most MPPs elected typically forms the new provincial government.

Richmond Hill consists of two electoral districts (also called ridings or constituencies): Richmond Hill and Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. Use the Voter Information Service tool to determine which riding your home resides in, and find more information on the parties and their candidates below.

Party  Richmond Hill riding Aurora- Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill riding
Progressive Conservative Daisy Wai (incumbent) Michael Parsa (incumbent)
Green Hasen Nicanfar Kevin Zheng
Liberal Roozbeh Farhadi Marjan Kasirlou
NDP Raymond Bhushan Reza Pourzad
New Blue Les Hoffman Rosaria Wiseman
Ontario Party Ramtin Biouckzadeh Catherine Dellerba
Ontario Moderate Party Olga Rykova  
Am I eligible to vote? How can I tell?

To be eligible to vote in this election you must be:

• 18 years of age or older;
• a Canadian citizen; and
• a resident of Ontario

The Voters List is updated regularly using information from federal, provincial, and municipal sources, or through direct information from voters. You can check if you are already registered (or register yourself if you are not already registered) by visiting the Elections Ontario website.

Can I still vote if I live somewhere else in Ontario for part of the year?

If you live in two places (i.e. one while attending school and another while not in school) you can choose which address you consider “home” when you register to vote. This will determine where you vote. Confirm, update or add your information to the voter's list at eregistration.elections.on.ca.

You can also choose to vote by mail; or add yourself to the register of absentee voters.

What identification do I need to vote?

Photo ID is not required, so long as you are already a registered voter and you bring your Voter Identification Card (VIC) with you in addition to one piece of ID showing your name.

You will, however, need photo ID if you are not already a registered voter or you do not bring your VIC with you. If you choose to provide photo ID (or need to provide photo ID because you forgot or did not receive a VIC) your appearance does not need to match the photo on your ID. You do not need to provide any information about your sex or gender expression when you go to vote. 

More information on ID requirements, including examples of accepted ID for each scenario, can be viewed here.

When can I vote?

Election Day is June 2, 2022. You can vote:

• in-person on June 2
• during advance polling in your polling area (check the dates and times on your Voter Information Card or by visiting the Voter Information Service page)
vote by mail (the deadline for requesting the mail-in ballot is May 27 and your voting kit must be received by 6 p.m. on June 2 to be counted)
• at a returning office in your electoral district any day between when the election is called and 6 p.m. on the day before election day
• You can also vote by home visit or in a hospital, if eligible. Find more information on these methods of Accessible Voting here.

Is there an option to vote online?

No, there is not currently an online voting option. Find all the ways you can vote by visiting this website.

Are there any accessible voting options?

This Accessible Voting document has lots of information about accessibility when voting, including: accessibility measures at voting locations; interpreters and interveners; assistive voting technology; accessible format requests; voting by mail; voting by home visit; voting in hospital, and more.

Where do I go to vote in person?

The location for voting on Election Day or at advance polls can be found on your Voter Information Card. If you have not yet received your VIC or are not sure if you are registered to vote, you can download the Elections Ontario app or visit the Voter Information Service website to find your voting location information.


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