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Later Days in Richmond Hill
In 1991, the Richmond Hill Public Library Board was pleased to present Early Days in Richmond Hill: A History of the Community to 1930 to the residents of Richmond Hill, chronicling the history of Richmond Hill from the time of its first residents, the Iroquoian peoples, to the still bucolic village of the 1920s.
In this companion volume, writers Marney Beck Robinson and Joan M. Clark take what is now one of Canada's fastest-growing communities to the brink of the twenty-first century - seventy years of history that have changed the small village into the large modern town it is today. Community input, including personal anecdotes and photographs generously supplied by long-time residents enlivens the story.
The book is now on sale at all branches of the Richmond Hill Public Library, the Town Hall, and the Heritage Centre. For more information, please call the Central Library at 905.884.9288. Copies of Later Days in Richmond Hill are also held in all four Richmond Hill Public Library locations. Check the Library catalogue for avaliable copies.
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