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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Green Secondary School
Grade 12 Social Sciences: Society Independent Study Unit
Choose one of the following topics for your independent study unit:

- Family conflict; Family cohesion; Male and female roles; Our aging population; Overprotective parents; Marriage and divorce; Having children and the inability to have children; teenage culture; Parental problems raising children.

- Poverty; Violence in schools; Bullying; Conflict in the work environment; Discrimination and Prejudice; Economic recession; Juvenile delinquency; Immigration; Multiculturalism; Diffusion and Globalization; Barriers to health care.

- Conformity and alienation; Impact of mass media on socialization; Language.

- Technology in schools; Technology and family; Technology and society; Reproductive technology; Cloning; Communication technology and its consequences.

Reference Sources
  • Encyclopedia of human ecology (REF 304.203 Enc v.1-2)
  • The World Book encyclopedia (REF 031 Wor v.1-22)
  • Down to earth sociology: introductory readings (301 Dow 2003)
  • Images of society: introduction to anthropology, psychology, and sociology (301 Haw)
  • Our social world: an introduction to anthropology, psychology and sociology (301 Spr)
  • The Human way: introducing anthropology, psychology, and sociology (301 Bai)
Online Databases
  • Academic OneFile  (Search terms: "Enter various key words related to your topic.")
Web Sites
  • Oxford Journals: Social Sciences
  • Scientific Research Publishing: Social Sciences & Humanities
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