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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Green Secondary School
Grade 10 Science: Weather Poster Project
Each student will submit a poster project.

The following headings should be clearly visible on the poster:
I. Introduction
II. Description
III. Cause(s)
IV. Who is involved?
V. Future considerations
VI. References (at least 5, embedded in text, proper APA format)

[Adopted from a Toronto District School Board hand-out.]

Reference Sources
  • Dangerous planet: the science of natural disasters (REF 363.34 Eng v1-3)
  • Encyclopedia of hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones (REF 551.532 Lon)
  • Environmental encyclopedia (REF 363.7003 Env 3002 v1-2)
  • U-X-L encyclopedia of science (REF 503 UXL 2002 v1-10)
  • Water: science and issues (REF 553.703 Wat v1-4)
  • Climate: the force that shapes our world and the future of life on earth (551.6 Och)
  • Extreme weather: a guide & record book (551.5 Bur)
  • Guide to the weather (YA 551.6 Rey)
  • Restless skies: the ultimate weather book (551.55 Dou)
  • The Weather (551.5 Lyn)
  • Weather: a visual guide (551.5 Buc)
Online Databases
  • Access Science  (Search terms: "Use keywords from your assignment.")
Web Sites
  • BBC: Understanding Weather
  • Meteorological Service of Canada: Brochures
  • National Geographic: Weather
  • NOAA Education Resources: Weather
  • NOAA's National Weather Service: Brochures
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