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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Hill High School
Grade 9 English: Sports
Select a sport to learn more about it. Write a researched information article on this sport. Possible research topics include: badminton; baseball; basketball; boxing; field hockey; figure skating; football; golf; ice hockey; rugby; skateboarding; skiing; snowboarding; soccer; softball; swimming; table tennis; tae kwon do; tennis; volleyball. Use at least three different sources for this research. Books, encyclopedias and websites are recommended.
Reference Sources
  • Badminton  (796.345 BOG )
  • Catching air : the excitement and daring of individual action sports-- snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX biking, in-line skating  (YA 796.046 GUT )
  • Drugs and sports  (YA 362.29 DRU)
  • Rugby : steps to success  (796.333 BIS )
  • Softball : a complete guide for coaches and players (796.3578 SOF )
  • Spectator sports made simple : how to watch, understand, and enjoy baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, bowling, and ice hockey  (796 BAR)
  • Table tennis : steps to success  (796.346 HOD )
  • Tae kwon do : the ultimate reference guide to the world’s most popular martial art  (796.8153 PAR 1999)
  • The book of rules : a visual guide to the laws of every commonly played sport and game  (796 BOO )
  • The complete book of figure skating  (796.912 SHU )
  • The complete guide to sports nutrition  (613.2024796 BEA 2003 )
  • The Oxford dictionary of sports science and medicine  (617.102703 OXF )
  • The sports injury handbook  (617.1027 KRA )
  • The ultimate book of sports lists  (796.02 POS )
  • The women’s sports encyclopedia (796.082 WOM )
  • Volleyball fundamentals  (796.325 DEA )
Online Databases
  • EBook Central  (Search terms: ""Enter topic from your list, i.e., sports & entertainment industry"")
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