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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Hill High School
Grade 12 Family Studies: The role of biotechnology in food production in Ca
Write a position paper (approximately 750 words) to support your views on the issue of the role of biotechnology in food production.

Research and discuss the basis of the arguments for and against genetically engineered/modified food in the food supply; evaluate the facts for both points of view; determine which position you agree with; explain your position and support the discussion with facts.

Reference Sources
  • Improving the regulation of genetically modified foods and other novel foods in Canada :\binterim report to the Government of Canada Biotechnology Ministerial Coordinating Committee  (GOV CAN 363.1929 IMP )
  • A garden of unearthly delights: bioengineering and the future of food (338.19 MAT)
  • Farmageddon: food and the culture of biotechnology (631.5233 KNE)
  • Food, inc.: Mendel to Monsanto - the promises and perils of the biotech harvest (363.192 PRI)
  • Genetic engineering, food and our environment (631.5233 AND 2000)
  • Genetically engineered food: changing the nature of nature (363.1929 TEI 2001)
  • Pandora’s picnic basket: the potential and hazards of genetically modified foods (363.1929 MCHU)
  • Unnatural harvest: how corporate science is secretly altering our food (631.5233 BOY)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "genetically modified foods")
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