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School Assignment Guide
Alexander Mackenzie High School
Grade 9 Geography: OGC 1D1 Designing a Sustainable Community
Research component: Gather 5 different resources related to the concepts of ecological footprint, urban sprawl, sustainable cities and smart growth. Type a one page summary for each resource, in point form and including main points of article and theme of sustainability. Include a full bibliography for each resource and a copy of the article.
Reference Sources
  • A pattern language (720.1 PAT)
  • Bread, bricks and belief: communities in charge of their future (307.14 LEA)
  • Challenge and opportunity: managing change in Canadian towns and villages (307.141620971 CHA)
  • Charter of the new urbanism (307.760973 CHA)
  • Cities and the environment: new approaches for eco-societies (304.2091732 CIT)
  • Communities, development, and sustainability across Canada (307.140971 COM)
  • Community development handbook: a tool to build community capacity (307.140971 FRA)
  • Cooperating with nature: confronting natural hazards with land use planning for sustainable communities (363.346 COO)
  • Design of cities (711.409 BAC)
  • Environmental analysis for land use and site planning (711.1 MAR)
  • New Amerian urbanism: re-forming the surburban metropolis (711.409723 DUT)
  • New theory of urban design (711.401 NEW)
  • Our ecological footprint: reducing human impact on the earth (363.7 WAC)
  • Residential housing (728 KIC)
  • The ecological city: Canada’s overview (307.14160971 PEC)
  • The new urbanism: toward an architecture of comunity (720.103 KAT)
  • The seaside debates: a critique of the new urbanism (711.4 SEA)
  • Walking the talk: the business case for sustainable development (658.408 HOL)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter your search term from list, i.e., smart growth")
  • EBook Central  (Search terms: "Enter search term from list, i.e., sustainable cities")
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