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St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 12 Physical Education: PSE 4UI Science
Prepare a seminar/tutorial presentation of 20 minutes & 1000 word essay, focusing on Canadian society & either the evolution of physical activity & sport or social issues in physical activity & sport. Choose from the following list: 1. Drugs & sport 2. violence in sports 3. gambling, vice & game fixing in sport 4. Canadian government’s role in fitness & sport 5. sport & feminism 6. slogans, logos & fads: sports as big business 7. minority athletes 8. commercialization in sport 9. sport & globalization 10. power, control & ownership in media sport 11. role of the media in sport 12. sport & the environment 13. sport & gender roles 14. race & ethnic relations in sport 15. the American influence on Canadian sport 16. stress & athletes 17. sport role models 18. disabled athletes 19. contemporary coaching attitudes 20. prejudices in sport 21. sport legends & impact on Canadian sport culture 22. homosexuality & sport 23. decline of sport participation 24. team spirit 25. value & importance of sport in society 26. controversial coaching & training methods 27. value of sport for children 28. sport as a reflection of society 29. importance of sport in schools 30. imporance of phys ed in schools 31. sport salaries 32. female athlete 33. amateurs & professionals 34. “winning is everything” attitude 35. sport as entertainment industry 36. sport as business success story 37. sport at community level 38. athletic scholarships. 39. athletes as heroes 40. competitive vs recreational sport for children
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