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School Assignment Guide
St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 9 English: ENG 1D1 Literature & Media Scrapbook
Complete 3 of the literary topics below, complete 2 of the media topics below and create a media literature scrapbook. Literary topics: 1. Many literary critics believe that Romeo & Juliet is a flawed piece of art. Locate an article that critizes the play, and remedy the artistic problem. 2. Read a short story of at least 4 pages about the Christmas season and write a critique that evaluates the writer’s ability to convey a message about the meaning of this holiday. 3. Select a poem based on winter imagery and explain how the poet captures the essence of Canadian winter. Demonstrate your meaning by adding 2 to 3 stanzas (10 - 15 verselines) to the poem as part of your critique. 4. Select a literary website that showcases a famous writer. Evaluate the quality of the site for visual appeal, ease of movement, links and depth of information. 5. Read a short story (2-3 pages) from a literary anthology; rewrite a section of the story from a different point of view and explain how you have improved the story.6. Select an epic poem of at least 3 pages and explain how the poet uses 5 of the following stylistic devices: simile, metaphor, personification, imagery, foreshadowing, onornatopoeia, oxymoron, alliteraton and symbol. 7. Select a book review of The Chrysalids, Inherit the Wind, and Flowers for Algernon. Identify the thesis offered by the reviewer and explain whether you agree or disagree with the critic’s assessment. 8. Select a mystery story and identify the key details that provide clues to the solution. Media topics: 1. Go to Robert Ebert’s web page. Print an Ebert review of a movie you have seen in Nov or Dec. Comment on the review, agreeing/disagreeing with his rating. 2. Explain the differences between family life as depicted in a current TV series vs real life. Select an article from a newspaper website that deals with family life as depicted in mass media to support your argument. 3. Design 2 new different books covers for the same work (1 for adults, 1 for teens) for either The Chrysalids, Flowers for Algernon, Inherit the Wind or Romeo and Juliet. Explain why your designs will encourage consumers to buy the book. 4. Compare 2 newspaper editorials written on the same issue (Toronto Star & National Post). Establish both editors’ main points and explain how both journalists appeal to their target audience. 5. Create a pamphlet on the importance of lifelong reading, based on a literacy website you have visited. Print a few pages from the site as a basis for your pamphlet’s content.
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