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School Assignment Guide
St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 11 English: Examination of Artistic Movements Within Poetry
Select an author who you feel is a good representative of one artistic movement in literature. Complete research on the artist and movement as well as read extensively her/his works. Selected texts and era will be linked together by thematic analysis. Topics include: The Renaissance (1500-1600), The Neoclassical Period (1660-1785), The Romantic Period (1785-1830), The Victorian Period (1832-1901), The Modern Period (1914-), The Postmodernism Period (1945-).
Reference Sources
  • A sinking island: the modern English writers (820.90091 KENNE)
  • Art in an age of revolution (709.033 BOI)
  • Courts, patrons and poets: the Renaissance in Europe: a cultural enquiry (940.21 COU)
  • Discovering modernism: T.S. Eliot and his context (821.912 ELIOT-N)
  • Early modernism: literature, music and painting in Europe, 1900-1916 (700.9409041 BUT)
  • Eliot, Joyce and company (820.91 SULTA)
  • England in 1819: the politics of literary culture and the case of romantic historism (820.9358 CHAND)
  • History of modern poetry (821.009 PERKI)
  • Modernism (709.04 HAR)
  • Modernist conjectures: a mainstream in European literature, 1910-1940 (809.91 FOKKE)
  • Neoclassicism (709.0341 IRW)
  • Postmodernism and popular culture: a culture history (700.9045 DOC)
  • Renaissance perspectives in literature and the visual arts (820.9357 BOSTO)
  • Rewriting the Victorians: theory, history, and the politics of gender (820.9008 REWRI)
  • Romantic to modern literature: essays and ideas of culture, 1750 - 1900 (820.9007 LUCAS)
  • The birth of modernism: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and the occult (809.91 SUR)
  • The Cambridge companion to British romanticism (820.9145 CAMBR)
  • The new poetics in Canada and Quebec: from concretism to post-modernism (819.154 BAYAR)
  • The Oxford anthology of English literature (820.8 OXFOR )
  • The Renaissance (940.21 REN)
  • The roots of romanticism (141.6 BER)
  • What is post-modernism? (149.97 JEN)
  • Worldly goods: a new history of the Renaissance (940.21 JAR)
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