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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Hill High School
Grade 9 Science: Reproductive Technology and the Environment
Prepare and carry out an action plan to educate about an aspect of reproductive technology. Students will individually investigate an area involving the environmental impact of reproductive technologies (e.g., biotechnology in agriculture to increase food production). Students must present an argument for or against a particular technology and defend the position with concrete scientific evidence. Action plan involves creating a product such as a commercial (script and videotape), designing a pamphlet, writing a letter to a company or MP, or creating a magazine.
Reference Sources
  • All you need to know about DNA, genes, and genetic engineering: a concise, comprehensive outline (572.8 CAR)
  • Beyond evolution: the genetically altered future of plants, animals, the earth--and humans (174.957 FOX)
  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering (303.483 YOU)
  • Cell division and genetics (YA 571.844 SNE)
  • Cloning (YA 174.966 CLO)
  • Dinner at the new gene cafe: how genetic engineering is changing what we eat, how we live, and the global politics of food (363.192 LAM)
  • Embryo experimentation: ethical, legal and social issues (174.28 EMB)
  • Genetic engineering: food and our environment (631.5233 AND 2000)
  • Genetic engineering: opposing viewpoints (YA 174.25 GEN)
  • Genetic engineering: science and ethics on the new frontier (174.957 BOY)
  • Human stem cell research: opportunities for health and ethical perspectives: a discussion paper (174.25 HUM)
  • Lords of the harvest: biotech, big money, and the future of food (363.1929 CHA)
  • Perfect copy: unravelling the cloning debate (176 AGA)
  • Redesigning life?: the worldwide challenge to genetic engineering (303.483 RED)
  • Test tube babies: in-vitro fertilization (YA 618.178059 FUL)
  • The biotech age: the business of biotech and how to profit from it (338.476606 OLI)
  • The clone age: adventures in the new world of reproductive technology (176 AND)
  • The ethics of genetic engineering (YA 174.25 ETH)
  • The ethics of human cloning (YA 174.25 ETH)
  • The human genome project: what does decoding DNA mean for us? (YA 599.935 BOO)
  • The miracle of creation in DNA; the truth revealed by the Human Genome Project (297.265 YAH)
  • Whose view of life?: embryos, cloning and stem cells (176 MAI)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., cloning")
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