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St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 11 English: The Great Gatsby, The Handmaid’s Tale & 1984
Prepare a 25 minute oral presentation and one literary research essay (not more than 1000 words) on a topic from the following list: Great Gatsby: Nick’s role as narrator; symbols/imagery in the novel; Gatsby’s belief that repeating the past is possible; contrast in settings: East Egg, West Egg and the valley of ashes; role of Myrtle Wilson; role of violence; American Dream as novel’s backdrop; Daisy & Tom & their blame for Gatsby’s fall; role of Jordan Baker; 20’s/Jazz Age as backdrop; GG as semiautobiographical piece. The Handmaid’s Tale: Nick’s role; use of colour; significance of biblical allusions; symbols; use and abuse of language by the state in the Republic of Gilead; role of memory; role of nature; role of the Aunts and Serena Joy; feminist manifesto?; role of Moira; religion put to evil ends in the Republic of Gilead. 1984: newspeak/the importance of language; role of Julia; importance of Syme, Parsons & Mr. Charrington; symbolism/imagery; trust & betrayal; the Proles/symbol of hope; importance of settings; use of irony; O’Brien/genius, madman, agent of order; Winston Smith as questing hero; history & memory/manipulation of recorded past & social control; importance of Emmanuel Goldstein & The Two Minute Hate.
Reference Sources
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism (REF 809)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., Great Gatsby & American dream")
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