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School Assignment Guide
Langstaff Secondary School
Grade 11 Family Studies: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociolo
There are 3 components to this assignment: essay portfolio, research and presentation. Make it interactive, prepare one page summary and include visual aids. Choose from the following list: family (abuse, dysfunction, changes); causes of violence & aggression in society; impact of violence & aggression on society; legal system; mental illness (causes, impact); human personality; gender identity; the elderly; religion; criminal mind; street kids; education; human intelligence; collective behaviour.
Reference Sources
  • Aging (YA 612.67 EDE)
  • All about law: exploring the Canadian legal system (349.71 ALL 1996)
  • Are we unique?: a scientist explores the unparalleled intelligence of the human mind (153 TRE)
  • Boiling point: the high cost of unhealthy anger to individuals and society (152.47 MID)
  • Coping in a dysfunctional family (YA 362.82 JAM)
  • Criminal behaior: a psychosocial approach (364.3 BAR 2002)
  • Criminal behavior (364.3 CAS)
  • Crowds and power (302.33 CAN)
  • Dead end: homeless teenagers: a multi-service approach (362.740971 MIC)
  • Gender shock: exploding the myths of male and female (305.3 BUR)
  • Gender: psychological perspectives (155.3 BRA 2002)
  • Ill effects: the media/violence debate (303.6 ILL 2001)
  • Impact of family violence on children and adolescents (616.85822 KAS)
  • Madness explained: psyschosis and human nature (616.89076 BEN)
  • Street kids: the tragedy of Canada’s runaways (362.740971 WEB)
  • The consumer guide to mental health: the illnesses, the treatment and how to get the best out of the help available (616.85 GRO)
  • The elderly: opposing viewpoints (305.26 ELD)
  • The human mind: how we think and learn (153 MET)
  • The mad, the bad, and the innocent: the criminal mind on trial (614.1092 KIRWI)
  • The triarchic mind: a new theory of human intelligence (153.9 STE)
  • Up from dragons: the evolution of human intelligence (155.7 SKO)
  • Violence against children in the family and the community (362.76 VIO)
  • Violence in film and television (YA 303.60973 VIO)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., violence and society")
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