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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Hill High School
Grade 9 English: Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Era
Research an aspect of Shakepeare’s life, as well as the way of life of his contemporaries in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. Use at least 5 different sources (electronic, internet, print, reference). Include at least 1 visual aid and a works-cited list. 1. Society: class structure; role of women; Oliver Cromwell; Queen Elizabeth 1; King James 1; Mary Queen of Scots; institutions ie fire, police; trade and commerce. 2. Theatre: the Globe; stage designs; other companies; Richard Burbage. 3. Science & Technology: superstitions; medicine & alchemy; plague; exploration & travel; heraldry; currency. 4. Shakespeare & his work: life; work; sources for plays; sonnets; other authors of Shakespeare’s time. 5. Family Life & Entertainment: food & cooking; games, dances; fencing & sword fighting; music; clothing & fashion; religion & spirituality.
Reference Sources
  • All things Shakespeare: an encyclopedia of Shakespeare’s world (REF 822.33 G-O)
  • Shakespeare A to Z: the essential reference to his plays, his poems, his life and times, and more (REF 822.33 G-B)
  • The Oxford companion to Shakespeare (REF 822.33 F-O)
  • William Shakespeare: his world, his work, his influence (REF 822.33 D-W)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, ie, England and plague")
  • EBook Central  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, ie, Richard Burbage")
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