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School Assignment Guide
St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 9 Science: Astronomy
Research the importance of science, technology and environmental issues in society. In teams of no more than 3 members, select an issue related to astronomy: solar system formation, Mars, dynamics of sun, star characteristics, galaxies & star clusters, history of universe, mapping of universe, historical development of ideas about universe, dark matter & energy, COBE, Einstein’s general relativity & black holes, space exploration history, spacecrafts, earth-orbit satellites, international space station, space colonization, effects of space on humans, alien life, Hollywood’s view of space, aerospace engineering, demonstration of God’s existence from cosmology and anthropic principle.
Reference Sources
  • Comet science: the study of remnants from the birth of the solar system (523.6 CRO)
  • Exploring space: voyages in the solar system and beyond (629.4500973 BUR)
  • Exploring the solar system (523.2 BOO)
  • Mission to the planets: the illustrated story of man’s exploration of the solar system (523.2 MOO 1995)
  • The new solar system (523.2 NEW 1999)
  • Understanding the new solar system (523.2 UND)
  • Wanderers in space: exploration and discovery in the solar system (523.2 LAN)
Online Databases
  • EBSCOHost  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., space exploration")
  • Access Science  (Search terms: "Enter topic from your list, i.e., astronomy and space science")
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