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School Assignment Guide
St. Theresa of Lisieux
Grade 11 English: Novel/Poem/Era/Theme Comparison
Read a novel and poem reflecting the era that the two works were produced in and write an essay where the thematic connections are made between the politics/history/society of the era and the novel and poem. Include social/political climate, values, politics, social norms and roles in society. Suggested eras: Romantic, Gothic, Edwardian, Realism, Modernism, Postmodernism. Note: there are 2 steps involved in identifying authors. Step 1: use the online indexes to find the authors’ names. Step 2: Enter the authors’ names in the Library Catalog to determine if the Library has titles by the authors in the collection.
Reference Sources
  • A book of luminous things: an international anthology of poetry (808.81 BOOK)
  • The poetry of our world: an international anthology of contemporary poetry (808.81045 POE)
  • World poetry: an anthology of verse from antiquity to our time (808.81 WORLD)
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