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School Assignment Guide
Richmond Green Secondary School
Grade 12 History: History of Childhood and Children’s Literature
There have been many changes in the views of both childhood and children’s literature over the past two thousand years.

For this assignment, present (five to ten minutes) on ONE of the following topics:

1. Explore one of the following periods: Ancient World; the Middle Ages; the European Renaissance; the seventeenth century; the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; the Victorian Era.

2. Explore a non English-speaking country or region: China, Japan, Spain, France, Chile, Brazil, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran etc.

Reference Sources
  • Centuries of childhood: a social history of family life (306.850944 Ari)
  • The Cambridge companion to children’s literature (809.89282 Cambr)
  • The Norton anthology of children’s lieterature: the traditions in English (820.809282 Norto)
  • Through the looking glass: further adventures & misadventures in the realm of children’s literature (809.89282 Lanes)
Online Databases
  • General OneFile   (Search terms: "Combine "History" with terms such as "Childhood," "Children," and "Children's Literature."")
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