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Homework Help: Geography
Links to reliable, authoritative information listed by subject area.
  • Canadian Atlas Online
    This state-of-the-art interactive atlas allows students to explore Canada in a unique way. Presented by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, this site brings cartography to life with exciting graphics and animation.
  • Canadian Ecozones
    Produced by the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas. Provides information on Canada's ecozones, and how regions are classified.
  • Earthquakes Hazards Program
    This web site covers current earthquakes from around the world, earthquake activity in the past 8 - 30 days, past & historical earthquakes, and provides seismogram displays.
  • Environment Canada
    The "Green Lane" delivers timely, accurate, and relevant environmental information and services, including air, water, climate change, environmental law enforcement and sustainable development.
  • Geography - Canada
    Produced by Statistics Canada. Provides info on Canada's land area and resources, water, weather, community profiles, statistics, etc.
  • Geology & More
    Click on "Resources" for info on energy and minerals; "Hazards" for info on volcanoes, landslides, earthquakes, etc., and info on other topics such as geological mapping, earth surface dynamics, coastal & marine geology.
  • Natural Resources Canada
    Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) plays a pivotal role in helping shape the important contributions of the natural resources sector (forests, energy, minerals and metals) to the Canadian economy, society and environment.
  • Parks Canada
    Describes Canada's 42 locations set aside as national parks protected for public understanding and enjoyment, including 11 UNESCO World Heritage Centres and the 167 historic sites administered by the service.
  • Volcano World
    Prepared by the University of North Dakota. Provides maps, graphics and information about the world's volcanoes.
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