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Homework Help: Philosophy & Religion
Links to reliable, authoritative information listed by subject area.
  • BuddhaNet
    Information on Buddhist history, culture, and teachings. Includes an e-book library, audio file collection, and online art gallery.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica
    Information on mythology, folklore, legends and more from all over the world.
  • Encyclopedia of Hinduism
    "Seeks to explain the sects, schools and movements of Hinduism as they are understood by their respective constituents, as well as provide scholarly interpretations."
  • EpistimeLinks
    An organized collection of thousands of links to resources devoted to philosophy. Includes links to resources on philosophers, topics in philosophy, images, print and electronic journals, and e-texts. The topics pages have links to terms in various online
  • Fleet Gazelle
    "Mythweb" part of the site deals with ancient cultures and is devoted to Greek mythology. Illustrated and animated stories of Greek heroes are located here, along with a very detailed account of Homer's Odyssey.
  • Hippias
    A search engine covering just Web sites related to philosophy resources. Filters out unwanted information by limiting searches to preselected Web sites deemed by a group of editors to be scholarly and topical.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    A searchable database of basic philosophy information and definitions. Search by keyword, click on a letter to browse subjects in the collection, or read a small library of philosophy texts in HTML format.
  • Jewish Virtual Library
    Portal for Jewish history, religion, and culture. Excellent pages for links and bibliographies.
  • Perseus Digital Library
    Online digital library of classics, in full-text. Includes numerous works of philosophy. Secondary resources and photographs also available.
  • Philosopher's Index
    Includes over 25 searchable databases in all major areas of philosophy, with over 100,000 links to philosophy and philosophy related web pages around the world.
  • Philosophy Bites
    A growing collection of 168 podcasts on all aspects of philosophy. "What is philosophy"? - it is all here.
  • Philosophy Pages
    A great source for philosophy information, offers general study guide, dictionary of philosophical terms, timelines, history of western philosophy, biographies of philosophers and much more.
  • Religion and Ethics (BBC)
    Overview of several religions. Includes history, beliefs, holy days, celebrations, and customs. Provides links to BBC news articles, streaming video, and audio clips.
  • Sacred Texts
    "An archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics."
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia
    Entries on Catholic history, doctrine and dogma.
  • The Islam Project - Gateway
    Gateway to resources on Islam. Includes essays, maps, and lesson plans.
  • Virtual Religion Index
    Annotated directory of internet resources on all aspects of religion.
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