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Local Area Business Directories
Most municipalities have compiled business directories for their own community. These directories can be very valuable for industry research, job searches, cold calling, market research and competitive intelligence.
  • Contact Toronto (Closed Ref 338.7025713541 Con)
    The Toronto Board of Trade’s annual business directory profiling the 2500 largest organizations in the GTA (includes York Region) and listing the “who’s who of top employers and decision makers in the Toronto Region,”.
  • Richmond Hill Business Directory (Closed Ref 338.7025713547 Ric)
    An annual directory from the Economic Development Department listing the over 4800 businesses located in Richmond Hill.
  • Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory (Closed Ref 338.7025713547 Ric)
    The Chamber’s annual membership directory lists over 500 local businesses.
  • York Region Business Directory (Closed Ref )
    Downloaded from York Region’s website, this 2 volume directory lists York Region businesses by NAIC Code (line of business).
Web Sites
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