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Import/Export Information
Are your ready to expand your business internationally?
Reference Sources
  • McGoldrick’s Canadian Customs Tariff  (Ref 336.2650971 McGo)
    Listing of licensed customs brokers in Canada, customs consultants, international freight forwarders, international air freight specialists, and United States custom brokers and the text of the harmonized system.For custom brokers see also: Canadian Trade Index Ontario Business to Business Directory
  • A Basic Guide To Exporting (658.840973 Bas)
    ,”The official government resources for small to medium sized businesses.” [USA]
  • Basics Of Licensing: The Definitive Guide To The Worldwide Market (343.7307 Sim)
    Endorsed by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, this book provides a comprehensive overview of licensing markets and practices of key territories worldwide and includes international licensing forms.
  • Export Now : Five Keys To Entering New Markets (658.848 Lav)
    ,”Explains in clear business language the steps you can take to compete and win in exports.”
  • Exporting from Canada (Ref 658.84 Kau)
    This Self Counsel Press title is aimed at small to medium sized businesses now considering entering the export market and as a basic manual for those new to exporting.
  • Growing Your Business Globally (338.881 Taf)
    ,”this book provides a thorough and valuable resource to anyone interested in expanding internationally.”
  • How To Open & Operate A Financially Successful Import Export Business (658.84 Man)
    Although the content is aimed at US businesses, the author details the basic concepts of the import export industry to help you navigate the maze of international trade policies.
  • Import/Export (658.848 Nel)
    In this exhaustively revised edition, renowned global trade strategist Dr Carl Nelson provides step-by-steo guidance on succeeding in this marketplace.
  • International Business Expansion (338.88 Gio)
    A step-by-step guide to launch your company into other countries
  • Roadmap to Exporting  (658.8480971 Roa)
    Team Canada is a network of 20 federal departments and agencies working for the benefit of exporters.
  • Start Your Own Import Export Business (658.84 Tur)
    ,”Your step-by-step guide to success,”
  • Step By Step Guide To Exporting  (658.8480971 Ste)
    Team Canada’s detailed guide for small businesses who wish to understand the process of exporting before entering the international market
  • Steps to Starting a Successful Import Business (658.848 Ste)
    ,”How to find products, bring them into the country and make money selling them.”
  • Your Guide to Canadian Export Financing (382.630971 Wil)
    ,”Government assistance and successful techniques for financing your exports,”
Magazines & Newsletters
  • Export Wise
    Export Development Corporation's magazine for Canadian exporters.
  • Economist
    this weekly publication will keep you abreast of the political and economical issues around the world.
Web Sites
  • Alibaba.com
    A global trade platform for importers and exporters.
  • Business & Trade Statistics - BTS
    Fee based site that provides authoritative, detailed and up to date trade statistics since 1986. May save small business owners a lot of time for a nomimal cost. $
  • Canada Border Services Agency
    information on importing commercial goods into Canada including help in completing Form B3and a downloadable guide to importing
  • Canada Business Network: Exporting and Importing
    This federal site aims to assist Canadian small businesses with exporting and importing.
  • Canada Export Information
    Everything you need to become a Canadian exporter.
  • Canadian Association of Importers & Exporters
    "The voice of Canadian importers and exporters."
  • Canadian Automated Export Declaration
    gives registered exporters and agents the opportunity to report goods electronically to the federal government.
  • Canadian Commercial Corporation
    a federal crown corporation mandated to promote and facilitate international trade on behalf of Canadian industry.
  • Canadian Importers Database
    The Canadian Importers Database provides a list of companies importing goods into Canada, by product, by city and by country of origin.
  • Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
    provides an online member directory for finding Canadian freight forwarders and third party logistics firms.
  • Canadian Municipal Business Gateway
    Promotes and assists Canadian businesses to perform internationally, particularly those in China.
  • Canadian Society of Custom Brokers
    information and advice on Canadian custom brokers and online access to their members directory.
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner
    This site offers access to hundreds of market reports.
  • Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
    Download “Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting 2011,”.
  • Country Insights
    For information on all aspects of business culture for countries all around the world.
  • Currency Exchange
    "The world’s favourite currency site."
  • Customs Tariff
    The Customs Tariff is based on the World Customs Organization’s Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). Remember to always click on “most recent customs tariff” since amendments are constant.
  • Economist
    ,”contains a country briefing section with news, country profiles, economic forecasts and statistics for more than 80 countries.”
  • Executive Planet
    Information and advice on the appropriate etiquette and cultural do’s and don’ts when doing business in 40 countries around the world.
  • Export Development Canada
    A wealth of economic information and industrial research. Advice to small business owners on accessing international markets.
  • Export Source
    ,”Canada’s most comprehensive source of online export information.”
  • Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
  • Listing of Licensed Custom Brokers in Ontario
    ,”information on hiring a licensed Ontario customs broker and the licensing process,”
  • NationMaster
    this is a good place to start your search for industry information in different countries.
  • One Step Sourcing
    An industrial search engine that provides one source for finding the exact product, service or supplier, quickly and efficiently.
  • Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure
  • ReportLinker
    offers access to public as well as private reports. COvers 450 industries, 220 countries and over 1.2 million downloadable reports. Fee based.
  • RFPSource
    ,”RFPSource is a secure electronic doorway to the global e-marketplace. RFPSource matches Canadian products and services from a comprehensive capabilities database with thousands of business opportunities posted by domestic and foreign companies and governments.”
  • Statistics Canada Imports Exports
    Statistics Canada’s import/export page for small business owners
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    ,”issues demographic and economic reports on an ongoing basis for its 30 member countries, as well as occasional reports for several non-member countries.”
  • The World Bank
    ,”this site’s section on data and research provides access to trade briefs on selected developing economies, commodity forecasts and data about global economic prospects.”
  • Trade Data Online
    Provides the ability to generate customized reports on Canada and U.S. trade with over 200 countries.
  • Trade Key : Your Key to Global Trade
    this site is “essentially a marketplace linking buyers and sellers of specific products in more than 200 countries.”
  • UN Comtrade
    provides access to the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database of more than one billion trade data records from 1962 onwards. You can search for statistics on imports or exports of selected commodities during a specified period of time from one country to another.
  • USA Customs
    the US equivalent to Canada Border Services Agency
  • World Economic Outlook Databases
    The International Monetary Fund’s WEO database gives economical and statistical information for countries around the world.
  • World Industrial Reporter
  • WTO Tariff Download Facility
    This database allows small business owners to look up the customs duty on any product from any country for free and then download the tariffs to a spreadsheet showing the duty rate for each HS code and description of the products.
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