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Business Finance and Funding
How do you find funding for your new business? What is venture capital?
  • Accounting For Non-Accountants (657 Lab)
    manage your business better with expert accounting explanations, examples, tips and techniques for every key accounting concept.
  • Accounting for the New Business (657 Mal)
    ,”master accounting for your small business quickly, easily and accurately,”
  • Bank Financing For Beginners (658.15224 Ban)
    How to borrow money to grow your business.
  • Business Financing for Beginners (658.1522 Bus)
    ,”where to find the money to grow your dream.”
  • Buying Your Own Business (658.16 Rob)
    ,”provides the practical step by step advice you need to buy a business and make it your own!”
  • Crowd Funding (658.15224 Ree)
    How to raise money and make money in the crowd
  • Finance For Non Financial Managers (658.1511 Sic)
    Will help you understand the information in essential financial reports and show you how to use that understanding to make informed, intelligent decisions.
  • Financial Management 101  (657.9042 Mohr)
    ,”kick start your small business with sound financial planning,”
  • Financing the Small Business (658.15224 Gre)
    Practical advice from seasoned professionals on obtaining financing for your new or growing business.
  • Freesourcing : How To Start A Business With No Money (658.11 Yat)
    a definitive guide to free business start-up resources, showing you exactly where to go and who to talk to when you’re starting a business on a shoestring.
  • No Cash No Fear (658.11 All)
    Entrepreneurial secrets to starting any business with no money.
  • Pricing Strategies for Small Business (658.816 Gre)
    ,”determine the right price for your product or service and improve the bottom line of your small business,”
  • The Entrepreneurial Bible To Venture Capital (658.15224 Rom)
    Inside secrets from the leaders in the start-up game on how to raise angel and venture capital.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Financial Statements (658.1512 Wor)
    This book teaches the basics of true financial management - made just for small businesses.
  • What Every Business Owner Should Know about Valuing Their Business (658.15 Fel)
    Provides business owners with the knowledge they need to obtain and understand a valuation of their business.
  • When Venture Capitalists Say  (658.1522 Pet)
    Gives entrepreneurs 81 sources of alternate funding
  • Your Guide to Arranging Bank & Debt Financing For Your Own Business In Canada ( 658.150971 Wil)
    Instructs small business owners on what to do before approaching the bank for financing and how to present your business well.
  • Your Guide To Financing Business Growth By Selling A Piece Of The Pie (658.152240971 Wil)
    What’s involved in going public; employee share ownership plans and franchising in Canada.
  • Your Guide To Government Financial Assistance for Business in Ontario (Ref 658.152209713 Wil)
    Information on federal, provincial and other assistance programs available to small businesses in Ontario.
  • Your Guide To Raising Venture Capital For Your Own Business In Canada (658.15220971 Wil)
    Offers advice on how to meet private investors, find public and private sector venture capital pools for your small business.
  • Your Guide To Starting And Self-Financing Your Own Business in Canada ( 658.15 Wil)
    ,”Written in blood from the front line trench,”, the author offers practical and useful advice for small business owners who want to raise financing.
Web Sites
  • Business Development Bank Of Canada
    Services include loans and venture capital programs for business start-up, growth and refinancing.
  • Canadian Venture Capital Association
    Promotes the use of venture capital to support the development and growth of small to medium sized businesses in Canada.
  • Industry Canada : Sources Of Funding For Small Bus
    Locate traditional and alternative sources of financing for small business.
  • Innovation Scan
    Canada’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Interntional Trade is offering this online program which enables innovative Canadian companies to deliver targeted presentations to potential investors and business partners in the United States. Click on “Showcase My Company,”
  • Investing In Business Innovation
    Support through IBI increases the potential for businesses to succeed by strengthening angel networks and encouraging the development of partnerships between early stage entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Money And Finance
    Listing of the top 100 venture capital firms for small business.
  • Performance Plus : Industry Canada's Small Busines
    Financial profiles of small businesses in Canada and performance measurement ratios.
  • Webinar on Small Business Financing
    Industry Canada’s free webinar for small business
  • York Angel Investors
    provides a supportive linkage between local entrepreneurs who are seeking early and mid-stage capital and investors/mentors.
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