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Business Planning for New Businesses
You may have a fantastic business idea but if you don’t present it properly, you may lose out on the funding you need to get started. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of writing the all important business plan. The library has various books on business plans to inspire you. There is also a variety of business and marketing plans on the Internet that you can look at. Click on these recommended books and web sites to help you prepare a successful business plan for your small business.
Reference Sources
  • Business Plans Handbook (Ref 658.4012)
    A multi-volume set of print encyclopedias giving examples of actual business plans. See below for access to the business plans electronically.
  • Anatomy of a Business Plan (658.4012 Pin)
    ,”the step by step guide to building a business and securing your company’s future,”
  • Bankable Business Plans (658.4012 Rog)
    aims to guide new small business owners through the process of creating a viable business plan to present to their investors.
  • Business Plan In A Day (658.152 Abr)
    ,”prepare a polished, professional business plan in just 24 hours!”
  • Business Planning for Beginners (658.4012 Bus)
    ,”find out how much money you will need to run your business,”
  • Business Plans for Canadians (658.4012 Tif)
    ,”build a winning business plan with expert tips and strategies,”
  • Business Plans for Dummies (658.4012 Tif)
    ,”revised to cover the latest business planning issues and techniques,”
  • Business Plans Handbook (Ref 658.4012 Vol. 1-12)
    Look at examples of actual business plans for all sorts of small businesses in this multi volume encyclopedia set from Gale Research.
  • Business Plans Kit for Dummies (658.4012 Pet)
    ,”the painless way to create a winning business plan!”
  • Business Plans That Work : A Guide For Small Business (658.4012 Zac)
    Turn your great idea into big profits with a powerful, persuasive business plan!
  • Business Plans to Game Plans (658.4012 Kin)
    a practical system for turning strategies into action
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide To Business Plans (658.4012 Mor)
    Start and sustain your business with a foolproof plan.
  • Fail Fast Or Win Big: The Start-Up Plan For Starting Now (658.11 Sch)
    Shows you how to forgo a traditional business plan by building a viable business model, a way to find, test, and sell your market simultaneously, practically from Day 1.
  • Guide to Business Planning (658.4012 Fri)
    Published by The Economist, this is a comprehensive guide covering every aspect of preparing and using a business plan.
  • Successful Business Plan Secrets and Strategies (658.4012 Abr)
    ,”Gives you all the tools you need to create a successful business plan. Includes worksheets.
  • The Best-Laid Business Plans (658.4012 Bar)
    ,”different scenarios demand different plans,”
  • The Business Plan That Got Funding (658.15224 Mon)
    A business plan for a non-profit organization.
  • The Everything Business Plan Book (658.4012 Ram)
    ,”all you need to succeed in a new or growing business.”
  • The One Page Business Plan (658.4012 Hor)
    ,”The fastest, easiest way to write a business plan.”
  • The One-Hour Business Plan (658.11 McAd)
    A step by step guide in creating a successful business plan - in one hour have a business plan foundation!
  • The Soup To Nuts Business Plan Workbook For Small Businesses (658.4012 Lew)
    Making the business planning process less painful and maybe even a little fun!
  • Writing a Convincing Business Plan (658.4012 DeT)
    ,”this book shows how to organize and write a logical and business-savvy plan,”
  • Your Guide to Preparing a Plan to Raise Money for Your Own Business (658.4012 Wil)
    ,”a step-by-step guide to preparing a business plan.”
Web Sites
*Information provided by the Business Services Web page does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Richmond Hill Public Library. Please read the Library's Disclaimer and Copyright Notice regarding linked sites. If you notice a broken link or wish to suggest a useful Web site, please contact the Business Librarian at 905.884.9288 x304 or e-mail jgirot@rhpl.ca.