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Legal Resources
Information on Canadian business law as it relates to small business.
  • Bankruptcy Guide : Personal and Small Business (346.71078 San)
    ,”shows you how to take control of your debt and how to avoid bankruptcy.”
  • Canadian Legal Guide for Small Business (Ref 346.710652 Swa)
    An essential tool the business owner who wants to be informed about the legal aspects of running a business in Canada.
  • Incorporation Guide for Canada (346.7106622 Swi)
    ,”you can incorporate a company yourself - no lawyer required!”
  • Limit Your Legal Risk (346.7303 Jar)
    ,”an easily accessible guide to the basic elements of business law,”
  • Make It Legal  (Ref 346.710652 Ker)
    An overview of Canadian law as it pertains to small business in non-legal jargon.
  • Ontario Incorporation Kit (Ref 346.71306622 Geo)
    ,”An easy to use kit complete with a handy guide and all the forms you need to incorporate your business.”
  • Small Business Legal Advisor (Ref 346.710652 Gra)
    A book written out of a desire "to help Canadian small business owners avoid the common legal pitfalls".
  • Standard Legal Forms & Agreements for Canadian Business (346.71070269 STA)
    Examples of forms, contracts and agreements commonly used in business.
Web Sites
  • Business Law Clinic
    University of Victoria’s Business law clinic for Canadian entrepreneurs.
  • Consolidated Statutes of Canada
    Search and download federal statutes.
  • E-Laws: Ontario Statutes and Regulations
    Search and download provincial statutes and regulations.
  • Justice Ontario : Legal Information
    new one-stop access to help Ontarians find answers to their basic questions about the Ontario justice system. Easy to use information on family law, criminal law, lawsuits and disputes, tickets and fines, a listing of courts, how to make a small claims payment.
  • Legal Line Canada: Business Law
    Guide to small business owners on Canadian business law.
  • Ontario Regulatory Registry
    information on proposed and recently approved regulations that may affect Ontario small business.
  • Proposed Ontario Legislation
    Read bills relating to business before they become law.
  • Small Business Employment Law
    Provides links to all employment standards legislation for all Canadian provinces.
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