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Young Entrepreneurs
Have you always wanted to run your own business or have just finished school and not sure what you want to do? Have you got it in you to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss?
  • Conversations With Teen Entrepreneurs (338.04 Cat)
    Profiles three successful businesses created by teenagers. These companies were created during the booming 90’s, have weathered the Internet bubble burst and are still succeeding today. The book is a fascinating read to see how teenagers are able to overcome the age barrier and succeed in a field normally reserved for adults.
  • Quick Cash For Teens (YA 658.110835 Bie)
    Bielagus, a financial advisor who started his own yard-service business in sixth grade, tells teens that the ideal business to start is one that meets all five criteria of what he calls the Five S Formula : simple, safe, skills, satisfying, and self-seller. He lists 101 businesses teens can start that fit this formula, and includes details on how to get started
  • Start Your Own Business (J658.11 Sut)
    Because of advances in technology, many teens are discovering ways to earn money through entrepreneurship. This guide provides all of the basics to business development, including handling money, making a profit, understanding the market, and expanding a business.
  • The Young Entrepreneur’s Edge (ebook)
    Kushell gives practical and personal insight from a young entrepreneur’s point of view to help new business owners get through their first few years. The book “also teaches you tricks of the trade that you can rely on to compete successfully in a business world with people twice your age and companies God-knows-how-many-times-as big,” she adds.
  • The Young Entrepreneurs Guide To Life (ebook)
    Steven Wolf has been an entrepreneur since he was 18. He will share his story with you and help you unlock the secrets of success.
  • Young Entrepreneur World (ebook)
    How 25 teen-trepreneurs succeeded and left world leaders scratching their heads.
  • Young Guns (ebook)
    The fearless entrepreneurial guide to chasing your dreams and breaking out on your own
Magazines & Newsletters
  • Inc
  • Fast Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Canadian Business
  • The Futurist
  • Wired
Web Sites
  • Canadian Society For Entrepreneurship And Innovation
    With the support of CSEI, students and graduates will get acquainted with the fabulous world of entrepreneurship.
  • Futurpreneur Canada
    Mentoring and loan financing for entrepreneurs 19-39 years old, with loan financing of up to $45000. Also offers support with free webinars, workshops, coaching and networking.
  • LaunchYu
    York University’s entrepreneurship program.
  • Ontario Centres For Excellence
    To foster a culture of entrepreneurism through programs that help young entrepreneurs develop business skills and launch new companies.
  • Ontario Network Of Entrepreneurs
    Along with access to the same services all entrepreneurs have, Ontario offers programs geared to youth.
  • Starter Company
    If you are between 15-29, no longer in school and not working full-time elsewhere - you might be eligible for a grant of up to $5000 to start your own company.
  • Summer Company
    Grant funding of up to $3000 for student entrepreneurs 15-29 who are currently in school and returning to school in the Fall.
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