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Business Innovation
The Canadian government wants to foster a more competitive southern Ontario economy by focusing on providing business support to new entrepreneurs. They aim to help new businesses transform their innovative ideas into globally-competitive products and services and increase their access to private sector investment and advice.
  • Creative Change: How We Resist It, How We Change It (658.4094 Mue)
    Talk with any CEO and they’ll tell you they’re constantly seeking creative solutions and need real innovation to thrive. The truth is that these same business leaders routinely reject creative solutions and embrace the familiar - even as they profess commitment to innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship For The Rest Of Us: How To Create Innovation And Opportunity Everywhere (658.421 Bro)
    Based on extensive research, this book reveals the surprising attitudes and strategies of the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are continually innovating and seeing opportunity where others do not.
  • Fail Better : Design Smart Mistakes And Succeed Sooner (658.401 Sas)
    If you’re aiming to innovate, failure along the way is a given. But can you fail better?
  • How Stella Saved The Farm: A Tale About Making Innovation Happen (658.4063 Gov)
    A simple parable about making innovation happen.
  • How We Can Win: And What Happens To Us And Our Country If We Don’t (330.97107 Lac)
    From the founder of WIND mobile, this thoughtful book shows us how we can create an economy powered by innovation, stop settling for good enough and go for great, bet on Canadian talent and brains and embrace competition.
  • Jobs To Be Done: A Roadmap For Customer-Centered Innovation (658.5038 Wun)
    This book’s groundbreaking Jobs Roadmap takes you step by step through the innovation process.
  • Mad Genius: A Manifesto For Entrepreneurs (658.4063 Gag)
    There’s a reason Facebook was birthed in a dorm room. Amazon.com came from people not in the bookstore business, and UBER was created by people who weren’t from the taxi industry. Innovation, discovery, and creating disruption require blowing up conventional thinking and unleashing your entrepreneurial brilliance.
  • One Simple Idea (658.1 Key)
    Turn your dreams into a licensing goldmine while letting others do the work.
  • Supply Chain Metrics That Matter (658.5 Cec)
    Change can be risky. The process of implementing metrics that will help identify value creation opportunities certainly counts as change, and business owners need to know that their efforts will be rewarded before they begin large scale projects.
  • The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision Of The Future (338.47004 Cas)
    A thoughtful book for future innovators and anyone who wants to survive - and to thrive - in this rapidly changing digital age.
  • Winning At New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation (658.575 Coo)
    the bible for product developers everywhere. The author’s most recent research showcases innovative practices by industry leaders.
Magazines & Newsletters
  • FAST Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Futurist
  • INC
Web Sites
  • Build In Canada Innovation Program
    BCIP was created by the Government of Canada to help kickstart businesses and get their innovative products and services from the lab to the marketplace.
  • Canada Business Network
    Gives a comprehensive list of innovation programs and offers phone service to small business.
  • Canadian Society For Entrepreneurship And Innovation
    The society’s overarching objective is to promote the culture of innovation, and to encourage students to explore the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Concierge Canada
    Announced in December 2013, this service is a single access point for small businesses to find high quality, timely advice to help them innovate and accelerate their growth.
  • Innovation York
    York University aims to stimulate innovative research and ensure that innovation developed at York has the widest economic and social impact possible.
  • InventorsCircle.org
    This non-profit aims to assist private individuals in developing their ideas, and facilitating and advancing innovation in general.
  • Investing In Business Innovation
    Provides mentorship, entrepreneurial support and financing to help new businesses grow and succeed.
  • MaRS
    At MaRS Discovery District, we are dedicated to driving economic and social prosperity by harnessing the full potential of innovation. Since we first opened in 2005, we have built on a rich legacy to create one of world’s largest innovation hubs, a 1.5-million-square-foot complex located in the heart of Canada’s largest research cluster in downtown Toronto. MaRS works with an extensive network of private and public sector partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future — start-up ventures with broad economic and societal impact.
  • National Research Council
    The Government of Canada’s premier innovation assistance program for small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Ontario Centres For Excellence
    Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) can help you turn your idea into income. You can access expert talent in Ontario’s research institutions to solve your innovation challenge. Business & Industry Entrepreneurs & Start-ups
  • Ontario Network Of Entrepreneurs
    Collaboration is a key ingredient to success: the connections and exchange of ideas between researchers and businesses are an integral part of our innovation economy.
  • Seneca Helix
    Seneca’s incubator Health Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Innovation Xchange, helps health and technology companies start up and grow.
  • The Business Of Innovation In Canada
    According to the Canadian government, innovation is the key driver of productivity growth. This paper discusses the challenges of business innovation in Canada.
  • VentureLAB
    A non-profit innovation centre that supports York Region’s creative new entrepreneurs and helps them bring their product or service to market.
  • York Entrepreneurial Development Institute
    YEDI is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide free top-tier business education and mentorship to innovative entrepreneurs from any sector or industry in order to build and accelerate successful businesses and efficient not-for-profit organizations. YEDI guides innovators to refine their ideas and create tested proof of concepts that are attractive to investors and will benefit Canadian society.
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