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Small Business Pricing
For new small business owners, pricing products and services can be one of the most challenging aspects when starting up your company. The following books should help you price your prodcuts and services to maximize your profits and run a successful and profitable business.
Reference Sources
  • Business Ratios And Formulas (650.01513 Bra)
    A comprehensive guide to 250 performance tracking measurements whether you are just starting,running or growing a business.
  • Contextual Pricing (658.816 Con)
    ,”A revolutionary new perspective on how pricing really works.”  Ask yourself if your company’s perspective on pricing is up to date? Maybe it is time for a better approach.
  • How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors : Winning Every Sale At Full Price, Rate Or Fee (658.81 Ste)
    ,”The complete pricing book for both new and experienced salespeople and small business owners.”
  • No B.S. Price Strategy (658.816 Ken)
    The ultimate no holds barred, kick butt, take no prisoners guide to profits, power and prosperity.
  • Priceless : The Myth Of Fair Value And How To Take Advantage Of It (338.52 Pou)
    The hidden psychology of value.
  • Pricing For Profit : How To Command Higher Prices For Your Products and Services (658.816 Fur)
    This book will equip you with the knowledge and confidence that you need to charge more for your products and services by focusing on their value.
  • Pricing Strategies For Small Business (658.816 Gre)
    Pricing a product can make or break a small business. This book covers the many different pricing strategies and helps owners to determine which method would work best for them.
  • Smart Pricing : How Google, Priceline And Leading Businesses Use Pricing Innovation For Profitability (658.816 Raj)
    A primer on the less conventional approaches to price decision making.
  • The Art Of Pricing : How To Find The HIdden Profits To Grow Your Business (338.52 Moh)
    A practical and easy to understand guide to solving one of the most important dilemmas in business - how to use price.
  • Winning The Profit Game : Smarter Pricing, Smarter Branding (658.816 Win)
    Optimize price, costs, customer behaviour and volumes.
  • Worth Every Penny: How To Charge What You’re Worth When Everyone Else Is Discounting (658.11 Pet)
    The author shows you that creating a profitable business is possible without getting into a slash-and-burn price war with your competitors.
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