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Small Business
Are you ready to start a small business? We have over 370 titles to help you get started. From our library catalogue’s homepage, type in “small business” in the search box and peruse the many titles available. The shelf location of the book is the number listed below the title. There are exceptional websites for small business start up and various local organizations to help you. Here are some recommended book titles and web sites compiled by the Business Librarian and divided into the progressive stages that small business takes.
  • Local Organizations for Small Business
    The Library’s listing of local organizations that are available to help bring your business idea to fruition.
  • Local Area Business Directories
    Most municipalities have compiled business directories for their own community. These directories can be very valuable for industry research, job searches, cold calling, market research and competitive intelligence.
  • General Small Business Startup
    Are you ready to start your small business? Here are some books and recommended web sites to get you started.
  • Business Name Registrations
    Are you ready to register your business name? Did you know it can be done online as well as in person? There are no name registration kiosks in York Region. If you want to register your company name in person you will have to go to Finch/Dufferin or Yonge/Finch. See the addresses below.
  • Business Planning for New Businesses
    You may have a fantastic business idea but if you don’t present it properly, you may lose out on the funding you need to get started. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of writing the all important business plan. The library has various books on business plans to inspire you. There is also a variety of business and marketing plans on the Internet that you can look at. Click on these recommended books and web sites to help you prepare a successful business plan for your small business.
  • Business Finance and Funding
    How do you find funding for your new business? What is venture capital?
  • Small Business Pricing
    For new small business owners, pricing products and services can be one of the most challenging aspects when starting up your company. The following books should help you price your prodcuts and services to maximize your profits and run a successful and profitable business.
  • Marketing Resources
    Are you ready to begin marketing your products or services?
  • Managing a Small Business
    Managerial advice to keep your business growing and now that you are an employer, to be aware of employment issues.
  • Tax Information
    Tax information and deduction tips for small business owners.
  • Legal Resources
    Information on Canadian business law as it relates to small business.
  • Statistical and Government Sources
    Links to government agencies and business statistics.
  • Import/Export Information
    Are your ready to expand your business internationally?
  • Home-based Businesses
    Would you like to run a business from your home?
  • Is Franchising a Better Option?
    Do you want to run a franchise instead? Here are some resources to help you make up your mind.
  • Networking Your Small Business
    Do you know how to use the power of networking to help your small business grow?
  • Business Innovation
    The Canadian government wants to foster a more competitive southern Ontario economy by focusing on providing business support to new entrepreneurs. They aim to help new businesses transform their innovative ideas into globally-competitive products and services and increase their access to private sector investment and advice.
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    Have you always wanted to run your own business or have just finished school and not sure what you want to do? Have you got it in you to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss?