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Teen Programs
  • DIY Terrarium Drop-in : 13-18 Years
    13- 18 Years Drop-in with a glass jar and let our Teen Advisory Group teach you how to make a terrarium. Central / Room C
  • DIY-T-shirt Tote: 13-19 years
    Learn how to totally transform a T-shirt into a practical tote bag! No experience in sewing required, creativity a must! Please register online.
  • Escape from the Death Star: Ages 13+ (10+ with adult supervision)
    The Rebel Alliance needs your help! In a team of 4 to 6 with your family and friends, you will be challenged to steal information from the Death Star and escape in 45 minutes -- before Darth Vader discovers your presence.
  • Get Board! : Aged 14+
    Join us for a couple hours of casual board gaming . Bring your own, or explore our new collection of games. We have some great new games we are excited to share with you!
  • Lyrics Writing Workshop with Toronto Songwriting School: 13-18 Years
    Celebrate Poetry Month with a lyrics writing workshop lead by Murray Foster from the Toronto Songwriting School. In this workshop, we work on numerous poetic and literary techniques, including rhyme, alliteration and assonance, and study the lyrics of songwriters ranging from Cole Porter to Eminem. If you are new to songwriting, you will learn how to turn your thoughts and feelings into powerful song lyrics. Those with more experience will learn new techniques and processes to enhance their songwriting and add new dimensions to your music.
  • Make It : Bottle Light!: 13-19 years
    Get creative with the Cricut vinyl cutter and make a bottle light for your room! Space is limited so please remember to register.
  • Not-Your-Typical Teen Book Club : 13-18 Years
    Ages 13-18 Come and join us for an hour of book related rants and raves. Find your tribe in this free-form book club for teens.
  • Photography Faux Pas with Petrija Dos Santos : Ages 13-18
    Join our former photographer in residence for a professional’s take on how to make your photos stand out. This workshop is perfect for closest documenters, active instagrammers, and RHPL Art Contest hopefuls. Bring whatever equipment you have whether t
  • Red Cross Babysitting Course: 11-15 years
    Learn basic first aid and caregiving skills in this one day babysitting course presented by the Canadian Red Cross.
    Red Cross Babysitter’s Manual and certificate will be given upon successful completion of this course.
  • Take a Paws Study Break
    For College and University Students Press “paws” on exam stress and visit with a St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog. Join us in Room B at the Central Library.
  • White Pine Book Brigade: Grades 9+
    Meet once a month and chat about the blockbuster Canadian young adult fiction with amazing art projects and exciting games.
  • Writer’s Block Busting Session with David Silverberg: 13-18 Years Old
    David Silverberg, a spoken word poet, fiction writer and founder of Toronto Poetry Slam, will get your creative ideas percolating with a brainstorm session for writers. David will discuss various methods of creative writing, from writing humorous poetry to dramatic short fiction. Engaging exercises will inspire writers to come up with new ideas. This is perfect for those interested in entering RHPL’s 2019 Teen Arts Contest.
  • YA Lit Overlords: 13+
    Discover your new favourite books and make new book-lovin’ friends in the process. Once a month, we will chat about new blockbuster YA lit and chew on some treats before exploring the books with art and games.