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Local History and Genealogy
About Mary Lou Griffin
Mary-Lou Griffin dedicated much of her life to the well being of the Richmond Hill Public Library. A Library Board Member for some eighteen years, Mary-Lou was an inveterate photographer, an expeditious genealogist and a tireless promoter of the services and programs of the Richmond Hill Public Library. Remembered by her friends and colleagues for her resolute will, quick mind, keen sense of humour and direct style of conversation,
Mary-Lou Griffin
Mary-Lou kindly assisted a number of persons in creating their own family histories. Indeed, many of the resources in the room that now bears her name were either created or made machine readable by her during countless hours at the computer in her home. Though severely disabled by arthritis in her later years, Mary Lou remained steadfast and resolute in her commitment to her Library, to her friends and to the history of the Richmond Hill area. She was an inspiration to all who knew her.

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