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School Stuff: Civilizations
Check out these Web sites picked by Library Staff to help you with your homework assignments.
  • Ancient Civilizations
    Read up on Anglo-Saxon, Ancient Greek, Roman and Viking life, as well as the Indus Valley on this BBC site.
  • Ancient Egypt
    Engaging site from the British Musuem about Ancient Egypt.
  • Ancient Egypt: Pyramids
    Scroll through the site to see how pyramids were constructed.
  • Ancient Greece
    A BBC site with lots of information about Ancient Greece.
  • Ancient Indus Civilization
    Descriptions of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro with photos.
  • Ancient Rome
    Find out about the lifestyle, places, religion, roads, technology (and more) of the Ancient Romans.
  • Incas
    Information on Inca society, including education, clothing, geography, mining and more.
  • Mayan Civilization
    Read up on Mayan society, cosmology and religion, mathematics and more.
  • Mayan number system
    Mayan math.
  • Mesopotamia
    Explore the history, geography, gods and writing of Mesopotamia on this site from the British Museum.
  • Secrets of Lost Empires
    Read up on Roman Baths, Pharoah's Obelisk, Easter Island and more.
  • The Vikings
    Find out about the Vikings, and try writing your name in runes!