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Science (Grade 6) - Electricity and Electrical Devices
Grade 6 students will develop a deeper understanding of how electricity can be used to send signals. Students will learn about a specialized area of study called electronics, and will explore devices that use tiny electric currents to switch electric circuits on and off, in order to understand how electronic systems are able to control very complicated processes automatically.
Reference Sources
  • Electricity and Electrical Circuits (J 537 MOR)
  • Amazing Experiments with Electricity and Magnetism (J 537.078 NAV)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (J 537 CHE)
    Discover the science behind electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism. Includes information boxes such as, ’Did You Know?’, Test Yourself’, ’Investigate’ and ’Time Travel’.
  • Electricity (J 537 GRA)
  • Electricity (J 537.078 LAU)
  • Electricity: An Investigation (J 537 FAR)
    What is electricity? How are electrons and protons charged? How does it make things glow? An interactive look at electricity with investigations you can try at home.
  • Electricity and Batteries (J 621.3 FLA)
    Learn the basic aspects of electricity as well as more complex and practical uses through hands-on projects for a comprehensive understanding.
  • What is Electricity? (J 537 Mon)
    Diagrams, colour illustrations, and photographs reveal how electricity works. (Part of the Understanding Electricity series.)
  • Electrical Circuits: Harnessing Electricity (J 537 DRE)
    What is electricity? This book explains the physical science behind electrical circuits. Photographs and diagrams are included as well as a Glossary. Extras include, Did you Know? and Further Resources.
  • Exploring Electricity and Magnetism (J 537 SOL)
  • Electrical Circuits and Currents (J 537.6 SOM)
    Includes an Electrical Circuits & Currents Review, a Quiz, Glossary, Further Information and an Index.
  • Generating and Using Electricity (J 621.31 SOL)
  • Zap It! Exciting Electricity Activities (J 621.31042 Goo)
  • Canadian Energy technology (J 333.79097 BOW)
  • Electricity [DVD] (J 537 ELE)
  • Blackout! (J 621.319 CLA)
    When a blackout happens the electricity is cut off. Discover the facts of electricity including electrical energy, currents and circuits and insulators. Includes an Electrical Inventions Timeline, Circuit Quiz,Glossary and Want to Learn more? section.
  • The Facts About Electricity (J 537 HUN )
  • All About Electricity [DVD]  (J 537 ALL )
  • Electricity: From Amps to Volts  (J 537 COO )
  • Electronics For Kids: Where Theory and Practice Meet (DVD) (J 621.381 ELE)
  • Magnetic Forces (J 538 LAC)
  • Super Cool Science Experiments: Electricity (J 537 LOC)
    Learn how to create static electricity, conduct a charge, make your own battery and more with these hands-on experiments.
  • Electricity (J 537 Ril)
    Features magnetic fields,super electromagnets, generators and motors, scientific circuits plus a robot head!
  • Electricity (J 537 GOL)
  • From Steam Engines to Nuclear Fusion: Discovering Energy (J 621.042 BAL)
  • Experiments with Electricity and Magnetism (J 537.078 COO)

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