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Science (Grade 4) - Light & Sound
Grade 4 students will encounter a variety of materials that transmit, reflect or absorb energy. By focusing their investigations on the way these materials affect or are affected by sound and light, students will deepen their knowledge of the types of properties materials can have.
Reference Sources
  • The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (J REF 503 KIN)
    Circulating copy is also available
  • All About Sound [DVD] (J 534 ALL)
  • Light Q and A (J 535 HAM)
  • Light and Sight (J 535.078 RIC)
  • Light: An Investigation (J 535 GOR)
  • Light and Color (J 535 CHE)
    Key concepts are brought to life with revealing photographs and full-colour illustrations, and mini-quizzes help to reinforce new ideas.
  • Light & Seeing (J 535 RIL)
    Features information and practical investigations, diagrams and data to help interpret results plus summaries of each topic.
  • Light (J 535 GRA)
  • Light and Sound (J 535 GOL)
  • Sound (J 534 CLA)
  • Sound and Vibration (J 534 CHE)
    From the series, ’Fundamental Physics’ this book explains how sounds are made. Includes feature boxes such as, ’Did You Know?’, ’Test Yourself’, ’Investigate’ and ’Time Travel’ Also includes answers and a Glossary.
  • Adventures in Sound with Max Axiom (J 534 Soh)
    Super scientist, Max Axiom, will lead readers on a scientific adventure in this educational graphic non-fiction book.
  • Janice VanCleave’s Physics For Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments in Motion, Heat, Light, Machines, and Sound (J 530.078 VAN )
  • The Facts About Light (J 535 HUN)
  • Sound: From Whisper to Rock Band (J 534 COO)
  • Light: From Sun to Bulbs (J 535 COO)
  • Making Waves: Sound (J 534 PAR)
  • Music and Sound (J 534 PET)
  • Light and Lasers (J 535 WHY)
  • Prisms, Rainbows and Colors (J 535 HAM)
  • Experiments with Sound and Light (J 534.078 OXL )
  • Experiments with Light (J 535.078 LYN)
  • Light (J 535 Wal)
  • Sound (J 534 WAL)
  • Light: Investigating Visible and Invisible Electromagnetic Radiation (J 535 Woo)
  • Experiments with Light: Light Energy (J 535.078 LYN)
  • Light & Sound (J 535 Twi)
  • Light (J 535.078 RAU)
    From the, ’Science Explorer’ series, this book features five cool science experiments with light.
  • Experiments with Light and Sound (J 535.078 COO)
  • Energy, Sound, and Light (J 530 BAT)
  • Light (J 535.078 Ril)
  • Sound: A question and answer book (J 534 BAY)
    This book features fast facts about sound, a hands on experiment you can do, a glossary, web sites for more information and an index
  • Surprising Experiments with Sound (J 534.078 NAV)
  • Magical Experiments with Light and Color (J 535.078 NAV)
  • Sound and Light (J 534.078 CHA)
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