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Science (Grade 8) - Water Systems
Grade 8 students will develop an understanding of the important role that water systems play in global ecosystems. In addition, students will come to understand that large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes greatly influence the climate and weather of the region in which they are located, and that both large lakes and oceans interact with the atmosphere through the water cycle. Students will become aware of the importance of fresh and salt water to the sustainability of life on earth.
Reference Sources
  • Ocean (DVD) (J 551.46 OCE)
  • Floods (J 551.489 MUR )
  • Rivers (J 551.483 LLE )
  • The Water Cycle at Work (J 551.48 OLI )
  • Waterways to the Great Lakes (J 551.4820977 BEC)
  • How Plastic Pollution is Choking the World’s Oceans: Trash Vortex (J 363.738 SMI)
  • Precipitation (J 551.577 ROD )
  • The Wonder in Water (J 553.7 SWA )
  • The Science of Water (J 551.48 PAR )
  • A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder  (J 546.22 WIC )
    This collection of “some of the most spectacular photographs ever created on the subject of water,”, reveals the wonder and beauty of the various states of water. Walter Wick, the photographer of the I Spy series, combines beautiful, up-close shots with interesting, and scholarly information about water. Topics range from water’s elastic surface and molecules in motion, to bubble shapes and snowflakes.
  • Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans (J 551.48 NEM )
  • World Of Water (J 551.48 ARA)
  • Rain & Snow [DVD] (J 551.577 RAI)
  • Freshwater Crisis (J 333.91 BRA)
  • Canadian Water and Sustainability (J 333.91009 BOW)
  • The Water Cycle [DVD] (J 551.48 WAT)
  • Water (J 553.7 WOO)
    Includes clip-art CD
  • Biomes of the World: Oceans: Underwater Worlds (J 577.7 PAY)
  • Materials Science: Making Use of the Secrets of Matter (J 620.11 KNA V. 2 )
  • Freshwater Ecosystems [DVD] (J 577.63 FRE)
  • All About Waves [DVD] (J 530.124 ALL)
  • Water Crisis (J 333.91 WAT)
  • Drying Up: Running Out of Water (J 333.91 FEI)
  • Midnight Zone (J 551.46 WOO)
    From the series, Exploring the Oceans, this book examines the very depths of the ocean - the ocean floor. Take a look at creatures that live in the dark. Includes a glossary, index and books and websites for further study.
  • Sunlit Zone (J 551.46 WOO)
  • The Ganges: India’s Sacred River (J 954.1 ALO)
  • The Yangtze: China’s Majestic River (J 951.2 ALO)
  • The Mississippi: America’s Mighty River (J 977 JOH)
  • The Amazon: River in a Rain Forest (J 981.1 ALO)
  • The Nile: River in the Sand (J 962 ALO)
  • The Tigris and Euphrates: Rivers of the Fertile Crescent (J 956.7 MIL)
  • The Rhine: Europe’s River Highway (J 943.4 MIL)
  • The St. Lawrence: River Route to the Great Lakes (J 971.4 PEP)
  • Analyzing Threats to Water Systems (J 333.91 STE)
  • Waterways of the Great Lakes (J 551.48209 LAP )
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