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Science (Grade 4) - Rocks and Minerals
Grade 4 students will examine different types of rocks and minerals found in the earth’s crust and learn about their characteristics and properties. They will also discover that rocks and minerals are useful for many things and that their characteristics help to determine their use.
Reference Sources
  • The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia  (J REF 503 KIN )
    Circulating copy is also available
  • Everything Rocks and Minerals (J 552 TOM)
    More materials available on this topic in this area.
  • Geology the Study of Rocks (J 551 Gra)
    The study of rocks reveals many fascinating characteristics of the regions found on Earth. Colour photographs, a glossary, and an index are included.
  • Minerals Up Close (J 549 GLA)
  • Earth’s Minerals (J 549 NEL)
  • Igneous Rocks (J 552.1 NEL )
  • Metamorphic Rocks (J 552.4 NEL)
  • Crystals (J 548 DAY)
    Includes colour photography, Glossary, Index and Web Sites
  • Volcanic Rocks (J 552.2 DAY)
  • Rock Formations (J 550 DAY)
    What are rock formations? Discover this plus the three types of rocks and more. Includes colour photography, Glossary and a Web Site.
  • Geological Change (J 551 WAL )
    Take a look at the earth’s rocky crust and the elements that cause rocks to change and erode. Includes a diagram of the Rock Cycle as well as interesting photographs. Captions such as ’Did you Know?’ and ’Test Yourself’ help to enhance what you have learned.
  • Igneous Rock (J 552.1 FAU)
  • Fossils (J 560 FAU)
    More materials available on this topic in this area.
  • Sedimentary Rock (J 552.5 FAU)
  • Sedimentary Rocks and the Rock Cycle (J 552.5 MAT)
    Features photographs and diagrams as well as a Glossary, Index and Web Sites.
  • The Rock Cycle (J 550 Jak)
    Learn how the Earth’s natural cycles, including the rock cycle, help to keep our environment healthy. Colour photographs, diagrams and an index are included.
  • Metamorphic Rocks (J 552.4 STE )
  • Igneous Rocks (J 552.1 STE )
  • The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals  (J 560 PEL )
  • Rocks and Minerals (J 552 COU)
  • What Do You Know About Plate Tectonics? (J 551.136 GOS)
  • Rocks & Minerals (DVD) (J 549 ROC)
    This DK Eyewitness DVD takes you on a fascinating journey to learn about rocks and minerals.
  • Minerals: From Apatite to Zinc (J 549 STI)
  • Igneous Rocks and the Rock Cycle (J 552.1 MAT)
  • Metamorphic Rocks and the Rock Cycle (J 552.4 MAT)
  • Investigating Rocks: The Rock Cycle  (J 552.0078 HUR)
  • Minerals (J 549 FAU)
    From the series, ’Geology Rocks!’, this book features diagrams, interesting colour photographs, a Glossary and Index as well as Websites for further information.
  • Les minéraux (J French 553 Sim)
  • Geology (J 551 Gre)
  • Minerals (J 549.078 LOC)
  • Slate and Other Metamorphic Rocks (J 552.4 ALL)
  • Metamorphic Rocks (J 552.4 SWA)
  • Diamonds by the Numbers (J 553.82097 McCl)
  • Gold by the Numbers (J 553.41097 McCl)
  • Sedimentary Rocks (J 552.5 HIR)
  • What Do You Know About Rocks and Fossils? (J 552 CLA)
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