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Science (Grade 8) - Cells
Grade 8 students will continue to develop their knowledge of systems in living things, focusing on the structure and function of cells in plants and animals and on the organization of cells into tissues, organs and organ systems.
Reference Sources
  • Investigating Cells: Cell Systems (J 570 MCMA)
  • The Human Body (J 612 SIM)
  • Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Medicine [DVD] (J 610 GRE)
  • Outbreak: Science Seeks Safeguards for Global Health (J 616 PID)
  • Growth and Development (J 571.8 SIL)
  • Cells and Systems (J 571 WAL )
  • Cells and Life Processes (J 612 WAL)
    Learn about cells and the biological processes that make life possible. Explores single and multicelled organisims. Includes Test Yourself with answers and glossary.
  • Organs! How They Work, Fall Apart, and Can Be Replaced (Gasp!) (J 612.028 PAR)
    Did you know that your heart pumps 80,000 gallons of blood each day? And your brain has a cover like the rind of an orange? Become an expert on how your body works! Fun illustrations and interesting trivia make learning easy with this collection of body facts. A list of additional terms and an index are included.
  • Cells Up Close (J 571.6 NEL)
  • Cell Biology (J 571.6 STI)
  • DNA: The Master Molecule of Life (J 611.018166 STI)
  • World of Plants (J 580 HOW)
    An internet-linked book that gives you the option of further study using informative suggested sites on the internet.
  • Plant Cells and Life Processes (J 571.62 SOM)
  • Animal Cells and Life Processes (J 571.61 SOM)
  • Cells (DVD) (J 611.0181 CEL)
  • Le Corps humain (J FRENCH 612.003 COR)
  • Investigating Cells: DNA and Heredity (J 572.86 RAN)
  • Genes & Heredity [DVD] (J 576.5 GEN)
  • Investigating Cells: Cells and Disease (J 571.9 SOM)
  • Circulatory & Respiratory Systems [DVD] (J 612.1 CIR)
  • Bacteria [DVD] (J 579.3 BAC)
  • Viruses [DVD] (J 579.2 VIR)
  • Cells, Tissues, and Organs (J 612 LAT)
  • Photosynthesis (J 572.46 SIL 2008)
  • Animal Cells (J 660.65 DOW)
  • From Microscopes to Stem Cell Research: Discovering Regenerative Medicine (J 616.02774 MOR)
  • DNA (J 572.86 HYD)
  • Micro Mania: A Really Close-Up Look at Bacteria, Bedbugs & the Zillions of Other Gross Little Creatures That Live In, on & All Around You! (J 579 BRO)
  • Cells and Cell Function (J 571.6 BAL)

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