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Science (Grade 7) - Interactions in the Environment
Grade 7 students learn that ecosystems consist of communities of plants and animals that are dependent on each other as well as on the non-living parts of the environment. They will also learn that groups of ecosystems make up biomes, components of the biosphere. In investigating ecosystems, students will examine the effects of natural factors, such as climate changes, as well as the impact of technological changes on the environment.
  • The Kids Book of Canadian Geography (J 917.1 PEN)
  • Ecology (J 577 ECO )
  • The Arctic (J 577.09113 LYN)
  • Rocky Mountains (J 577.530978 LYN)
  • Deserts [DVD] (J 577.54 DES)
  • A Prairie Food Chain (J 577.44 TAR)
    Get “up close and personal” with the plant and animal inhabitants of the North American prairie. Large, colour close-up photos reveal the many species that dwell within the tall grasslands. A glossary, selected bibliography, and index are included.
  • Ecosystems (J 577 RIC)
    Fascinating facts and spectacular colour photographs fill this engaging and informative resource about ecosystems. Through a series of easy-to-follow questions and answers, the amazing life of plants and animals in nature is revealed. A glossary and index are included.
  • Acid Rain (J 363.7386 PET)
  • Ocean Food Webs (J 577.7 FLE)
  • Adaption and Survival (J 578.4 WAL )
    Discover how plants and animals are dependent on one another for survival and how the changes in the world affect them. Includes facts on the plant cycle, animal cycle and ecosystem. Contains features boxes such as, ’Did you Know?’ and ’Test Yourself’ to help you learn.
  • Symbiosis (J 577.85 SIL 2008)
    This book explores different animal relationships. Includes photographs, a Glossary, Websites and an Index.
  • Oceans and Beaches (J 551.46 DAY)
    Discover the different aspects of ocean biomes such as climate, plants, animals, people and the future. Includes detailed maps.
  • Arctic (J 577.09719 PRA)
    From the Canadian Ecozones series this book explores Arctic life from plants, mammals, birds and fish to climate and more!
  • Maritimes (J 577.09715 Mor)
    From the Canadian Ecozones series, this book explores life in the Maritimes; one of the country’s diverse environments.
  • Cordilleras (J 577.09711 Mor)
    A cordillera ecozone is a mountain chain such as the Rocky Mountain system. Discover life as well as the dangers and challenges of the cordillera.
  • Food Chains (J 577.16 SIL 2008)
  • Ocean Food Chains (J 577.7 ROY )
  • Marine Ecosystems [DVD] (J 577.7 MAR)
  • Rivers, Lakes, Streams, and Ponds (J 577.6 BEA)
  • All About Forest Ecosystems [DVD] (J 577.3 ALL)
  • Changing Ecosystems (J 577.2 BRI )
  • Analyzing Disappearing Habitats (J 578.68 STE)
  • Ecosystems (J 577 HOU)
  • Wonderful World (J 525 BAU)
    Explore the Earth’s Ecosystems in Part Two of this incredible book. Includes photographs, diagrams, a Glossary and Index.
  • Earth’s Biomes (J 577 LAT )
  • Biomes and Ecosystems (J 577 DAV )
  • Ecosystems at Risk (J 551.6 AIT )

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