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Science (Grade 3) - Growth & Changes in Plants
Grade 3 students focus on the characteristics and requirements of plants and their patterns of growth. Students will observe and investigate a wide variety of local plants, from trees to mosses, in their natural environment. They will also learn about the importance of plants not only as sources of food and shelter for people and animals, but as suppliers of much of the world’s oxygen.
Reference Sources
  • Eyewitness Plant (J 580 BUR 2011)
    Includes CD of clip art
  • Plant Life Cycles (J 571.82 GAN)
    Ever wonder how plants get their food? Plant life cycles are explained and explored using close-up colourful photographs and diagrams. A glossary and index are included.
  • Plant Fossils (J 561 HYD)
  • How We Use Plants for Food  (J 641.3 MOR)
    Features colour photography, Glossary, Further Information and Index
  • From Seed to Plant (J 581.3 GIB )
  • Plant Parts (J 580 SPI )
  • How Plants Survive (J 581.4 KUD )
  • Plants as Food (J 633 MCEV )
  • All About Caring For Plants [DVD] (J 635.9 ALL)
  • What Do Roots Do? (J 581.498 KUD)
  • How are Plants Helpful? (J 580 MacA)
  • How do Plants Survive? (J 580 MacA)
  • Flowers (J 582.13 SNE)
    What is a flower? Why do plants need flowers? And why are flowers vital to our survival? The answers to these questions and more are found in this book.
  • Plants (J 580 BOC)
    From the series, ’Life Science’ an up close look at plants. Features colourful photography, puzzlers and activities.
  • Experiment with Parts of a Plant (J 580 HIG)
  • From Seed to Daisy: Following the Life Cycle (J 583.99 SAL)
    Includes colourful illustrations, a diagram, fun facts and glossary.
  • De la Graine à la Plante (J FRENCH 571.82 BER)
    This easy-to-read book uses photographs to show how a seed turns into a plant.
  • Why Do Leaves Change Color? (J 582.160497 MAE)
    Explains how leaves change their colors in autumn and then separate from the tree as the tree prepares for winter.
  • A Closer Look at Plant Classifications, Parts, and Uses (J 571.32 CLO )
  • Plants as Food, Fuel, and Medicine (J 581.63 LUN )
  • Understanding Photosynthesis with Max Axiom (J 572.46 ODO)
    Follow the ongoing adventures of Max Axiom as he reveals the secret life of plants in this graphic non-fiction book.
  • What Do You Know About Plants? (J 580 ROY)
  • Amazing Plants (J 580 HEW)
  • Photosynthesis Changing Sunlight Into Food (J 572.46 KAL)
    Where did plants come from? Why do some plants smell? And how do plants make their own food? Find out the answers by exploring the amazing relationship between plants and the sun. Test your plant IQ by taking the quiz at the end of the book.
  • Plant Reproduction (J 575.6 SOM)
  • Garbage Helps our Garden Grow: A Compost Story  (J 635.048975 Gla)
  • Photosynthesis [DVD] (J 572.46 PHO)
  • All About Plant Pollination: Fruit, Flowers & Seeds [DVD] (J 571.8642 ALL )
  • All About Plant Structure & Growth [DVD] (J 571.2 ALL)
  • Powerful Plant Cells (J 581.7 Joh)
    Explore the secret world of plant cells. Up-close photos reveal amazing mysteries such as how plants make seeds, and how plants capture energy from the sun to make food. A glossary and index are included.
  • Plant Classification (J 581 GRA)
  • Plants and Insects (J 581.722 AIT)
  • From Bird Poop to Wind : How seeds Get Around (J 575.68 LAW )
  • Plants (J 580.78 GRA)
    From the, ’Science Explorer’ series, this book features six cool experiments with plants! Includes a Glossary, Index and Further Information sources.
  • The Basics of Plant Structures (J 580 BAS)
  • Plant Experiments: What affects plant growth? (J 571.82 HOF)
  • Photosynthesis (J 572.46 ZUC)
  • A Closer look at plant reproduction, growth, and ecology (J 581.3 CLO )
  • Roots  (J575.54 WAL)
  • The Secret Lives of Plants (J 580 SIL)
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