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Science (Grade 8) - Systems in Action
Society depends on the use of a variety of systems to help it function smoothly. Systems whether they are human, mechanical or natural serve different needs for society. Students will develop their understanding of the efficient operation of mechanical systems by designing and building devices and systems and investigating their efficiency. Students will calculate the mechanical advantage of mechanical systems, and will learn about the overall safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of different systems.
  • Magnificent Machines: Fun with Math, Science, and Engineering (J 628.815 MCBR)
  • High-Speed Thrills: Acceleration And Velocity  (J 531.112 LEP)
  • Mechanical Engineering and Simple Machines (J 621 SNE )
  • Amazing Feats of Mechanical Engineering (J 621 EBO )
  • Super Cool Mechanical Activities with Max Axiom (J 621.078 ENZ )
  • Wind Power: 20 Projects to Make with Paper (J 621.312136 DOB)
  • Mechanical Engineering (J 621 Her)
  • From Steam Engines to Nuclear Fusion: Discovering Energy (J 621.042 BAL)
  • Bicycle Science Projects: Physics on Wheels (J 531.6 GAR)
  • Energy in Action: Mechanical Energy (DVD) (J 531.6 MEC)
  • Super Structures (J 624.1 WIL)
    Get an inside view to awesome structures of skyscrapers, triple-looped roller coasters, a murchison oil platform in the North Sea, semi-submersible service vessels and more. Includes a Glossary and Index.
  • Force & Motion (J 531.113 LAF)
  • Magnets and Electromagnetism (J 538 SMU)

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