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Science (Grade 7) - Form and Function
Grade 7 students will learn that there are many factors to consider when building a structure such as its form and purpose as well as social; economic, and environmental factors. They will study the impact that these structures have on the environment. They will learn more about the effects of forces that act on and within different structural forms. Using increasingly sophisticated techniques, students will continue to investigate how different structural forms support or withstand loads by designing, building, and testing solid (or mass) structures, shell structures and frame structures.
  • Super Structures (J 721 BOS)
  • Super Structures (J 624.1 WIL)
  • Construction: Structures Style and Building (J 690 CRA)
  • Skyscrapers [DVD] (J 690.523 BUI)
  • Buildings and Structures  (J 690 BUI )
  • The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments (J 720.9 TAV)
  • 21st-Century Bridges (J 624.2 FUR)
  • Bridges! With 25 Science Projects for Kids (J 620.0078 SWA)
  • Empire State Building (J 720.483097471 BAN)
    From the series, Structural Wonders, this book explores the science and technology involved in the planning and construction of this building. It also includes a chapter on Tall Buildings Through History, a Quiz and Activity and Further Research.
  • Stadiums (J 725.827 OXL 2006)
    Take a look at the world’s most amazing modern and historical stadium structures. Includes designing a stadium, stadium disasters and facts.
  • Canadian Structures and Sustainability (J 720.47097 BOW)
  • The Random House Book of How Things Were Built  (J 720 BRO )
  • Skyscrapers! : Super Structures to Design & Build (J 720.483 JOH )
  • Civil Engineering and the Science of Structures (J 624 SOL)
  • Building Structures and Towers (J 624.1 ENZ)
  • The Art of Architecture (J 720.9 DEL)
  • Buildings (J 690 HOW)
  • 21st-Century Skyscrapers (J 720.483 WOL)
  • Brainfuse
    Go to Expert Help, then SkillSurfer, followed by Elementary-Ontario, Grade 7 Science and Technology
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