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Social Studies (Grade 5) - The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship
Grade 5 students will assess responses of governments in Canada to some significant issues, and develop plans of action for governments and citizens to address social and environmental issues. Students will investigate Canadian social and/or environmental issues from various perspectives, including the perspective of the level (or levels) of government responsible for addressing the issues. They will demonstrate an understanding of the roles and key responsibilities of citizens and of the different levels of government in Canada.
Reference Sources
  • Who Runs This Country, Anyway? A Guide to Canadian Government  (J 320.471 STA 2015)
  • Canada  (J 917 GOR)
    More books on this topic can be found in this area.
  • Canadian geographic Canada for kids : 1000 awesome facts (J 971 KYL )
  • Provincial and Territorial Governments (J 320.471 YAS)
  • Federal Government (J 320.471 FED)
  • Individual Power (J 323.0420971 IND)
    Know your rights! Become an active citizen and learn how you can make a difference. From participating in elections, to understanding the role of government, this book covers the basics of Canadian citizenship.
  • Citizenship in a Democracy (J 323.0420971 CIT)
    Includes a section entitled, ’What is your Viewpoint? as well as an Activity, Testing What You Have Learned, Further Research and a Glossary.
  • Citizens and Government in Canada (J 323.60971 CIT)
    What are the roles of the three levels of government and what does it mean to be a citizen of Canada? This book answers these questions and more. Includes a ’What is Your Viewpoint?’ section as well as an Activity and Testing What You Have Learned.
  • Municipal Government (J 320.850971 Gol)
  • Government: Participating in Canada (J 320.471 QUI)
  • The British North American Act (J 971.049 Dow)
  • Canada’s System of Government (J 320.471 CAN)
  • What is Citizenship? (J 323.60971 WHA)
    As a Canadian citizen, what are your rights and responsibilities? Learn how you can make a difference, and explore your own personal viewpoint by taking the “Citizenship Challenge” at the end of this book. A glossary and index are included.
  • L’Immigration (J FRENCH 325.71 IMM)
  • Protecting Rights in Canada (J 323.0971 PRO)
  • Canadian Government (J 320.471 CAN)
    Features information sheets, student worksheets and evaluation forms.
  • Les Questions Politiques (J FRENCH 971 QUE)
  • Canada votes : how we elect our government (J 324.971 GRA 2007 )
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizens (J 323.60971 Rig)
  • Systeme de gouvernement du canada (J FRENCH 320.471 SYS)
  • Citoyennete canadienne (J FRENCH 323.60971 CIT)
  • Citizen Rights and Responsibilities (J 323.0971 CIT)
  • The Crown (J 320.471 ROS)
  • The Senate (J 328.71071 ROS)
  • The Supreme Court (J 347.71035 ROS)
  • The House of Commons (J 328.71072 ROS)
  • That’s Not Fair!: Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms (J 323.6 McLa)
  • Canada: Enchantment of the World (J 971 MAR )
    Chapter on “Running the Country,”
  • How Does the Canadian Government Work?  (J 320.471 ROD )
  • The Queen (J 320.471 SAW)
  • The Prime Minister (J 320.471 SAW)
    Look for other books in this series, Governing Canada, under the same call number
  • Create a Better Canada: Just Society (J 323.0971 KIT)
  • The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics (J 320 KEE )
    But what are politics, and why do we need them? This book answers the universal query in nine short chapters that explain everything from why we form societies and the basic types of governments to the power of public opinion, methods of rhetoric and the reasons why politicians “lie.”
  • Our Great Prime Ministers : Canada’s Government in Action (J 971.0099 BEC)
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