Social Studies (Grade 2) - Traditions & Celebrations
Grade 2 students examine the wide variety of cultures and traditions that coexist in Canada. Students investigate family histories and traditions and report on how these histories and traditions contribute to and enrich Canadian society.
  • Chinese New Year (J 394.261 GLE)
  • Cultural Traditions in China (J 394.26951 PEP)
    Vivid photographs and informative text fill this book about the cultural traditions in China. (From the Cultural Traditions in my World Series.)
  • Let’s Celebrate! Festival Poems From Around the World (J 821.92080334 LETS)
  • Canada: The Culture (J 971 KAL )
    Celebrate the variety of cultures that can be found in Canada’s arts and entertainment. Colourful photographs reveal the true diversity of Canada’s culture; from sports and dance, to television, music and film. Check out the “Celebrate Canada!” section for fun activities that will have you celebrating what it means to be “truly Canadian,”.
  • Canada for Children. The Culture of Canada [DVD]  (J 971 CAN )
  • Canada From A to Z (J 971 KAL )
  • Let’s Celebrate! (J 394.26971 PAR )
  • Canada Celebrates Multiculturalism (J 971.004 KAL )
  • Hooray for Today! (J 394.26971 HOO )
  • A Calendar of Festivals (J 394.26 GIL )
  • Celebrations! (J 394.26 KIN )
  • Family Traditions (J 390 SUP )
  • Customs and Traditions (J 970.04 KAL )
  • Halloween (J 394.2646 HEI)
  • Thanksgiving (J 394.2649 HEI)
  • Hanukkah (J 296.435 TRU)
  • Chinese New Year (J 394.261 HEI)
  • Christmas  (J 394.26663 TRU )
  • Family Celebrations (J 306.85 GAL)
  • The Miracle of Hanukkah (J 296.435 CHW)
  • Chinese New Year (J 394.261 GLE)
    Discover how Chinese celebrate the New Year with this colourful book that includes photographs, a large font, and interesting captions such as,’Did you Know?’. Includes and Glossary and Index.
  • Kwanzaa (J 394.2612 ALO)
    Kwanzaa is a celebration that takes place from December 26 to January 1st. Millions of African-Americans celebrate this holiday with friends and family. This book features colour photographs and interesting facts. Includes a Glossary and Index.
  • Celebrate Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr (J 297.362 HEI)
  • Passover (J 296.437 ALO)
  • Diwali (J 294.536 TOR)
  • What is Culture? (J 306 KAL)
  • Passover (J 296.437 NER)
  • Dance (J 792.80971 HUD)
    From the series, ’Cultures of Canada’ this book features dance from various cultures in Canada.
  • The Sound of Kwanzaa (J 394.2612 TOK)
  • Chinese New Year (J 394.261 HUD)
  • Mardi Gras and Carnival (J 394.25 ALO)
  • Hanukkah: Jewish Festival of Lights (J 296.435 SIE)
  • Cultural Traditions in Japan (J 394.26952 PEP)
  • Canada Day (J 394.2630971 KIS)
  • Victoria Day (J 394.2620971 )
  • Remembrance Day (J 394.2640971 FOR)
  • Cultural Traditions in Russia (J 394.26947 ALO)
  • Clothing (J 391.00971)
    From the series, ’Cultures of Canada’ this book explores the traditional clothing from various cultures in Canada. Includes a Glossary and Index.
  • Cultural Traditions in Mexico (J 394.26972 PEP)
  • Cultural Traditions in India (J 394.26954 ALO)
  • Purim (J 296.436 PEP)
    From the, ’Celebrations in My World’ series, this book features colourful photographs as well as, ’Did You Know’ captions and a Glossary and Index.
  • Canada Day (J 394.263 ALO)
  • Eid al-Adha (J 297.36 WAL)
  • Valentine’s Day (J 394.2618 MIL)
  • Sukkot (J 296.433 MIL)
  • Celebrating Holi: A Hindu celebration of spring (J 294.536 MEN)

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