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Sleep Disorders
Sleep disorders include: insomnia; snoring; obstructive apnea; periodic limb movement; restless leg syndrome; bruxism; fatigue; sleep walking; night terrors; nightmares; narcolepsy; idiopathic hypersomnia; jet lag; shift work sleep disorder and ciradian rhythm disorders.[Toronto Sleep Institute]
The Medical Director of the Pennsylvania Hospital Sleep Disorders Clinic offers proven, easy to follow solutions for the most common sleep problems.
I Can Make You Sleep  (616.8498 McKe)
"Overcome insomnia forever and get the best rest of your life!"
Outwitting Insomnia  (616.84982 Cat)
"overcoming sleeplessness and getting the rest you need with classic and cutting edge remedies that really work."
Local Organizations
York Region Sleep Disorder Center
"discover natural, sedative-free strategies that can help you regain the ability to sleep and improve your overall health."
"a solution to chronic insomnia and other sleep disturbances."
Sleep  (616.8498 Sch)
"the mysteries, the problems and the solutions..."
Sleep Manual  (613.794 Pig)
a comprehensive and reassuring guide to improving your sleep. Includes a CD.
Sleep Soundly Tonight  (616.8498 Hel)
the author offers more than 250 easy to implement tips that will help you change the habits that hinder sleep.
The Insomniac's Best Friend  (616.8498 Bro)
"how to get a better night's sleep."
Wide Awake [videorecording]  (616.84982 Wid)
this DVD won the 2006 Sundance film festival on this filmaker's portrait of his own insomnia and how he dealt with it.
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