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Many people in Canada are affected by hearing loss and the number is growing steadily. For many it is an unforeseen challenge, to enter the world of hearing aids and to come to terms with other people's insensitivity and the need to adjust to a muffled, or even silent, environment.
Hearing loss, according to Simmons, is the most common sensory disability, and this memoir-cum-manual about adult-onset hearing loss should be read by anyone with the condition and those who know them.
Introduction to Audiology  (617.8 MAR 2009)
Introduction to Audiology, Tenth Edition," provides in-depth coverage of the physics of sound, anatomy, and physiology of the auditory system; causes and treatment of hearing and balance disorders; and relevant diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. It emphasizes the proper evaluation of hearing disorders and the treatment avenues available for these disorders.
Local Organizations
The Canadian Hearing Society
713 Davis Drive Unit 105
Phone: 905.715.7511
Useful and interesting to read, this encyclopedia, with more than 600 entries, serves as a comprehensive desktop source of information about hearing, ranging from anatomy and physiology of the auditory system to various aural rehabilitation strategies
In the first book on the subject for lay readers, an esteemed Auditory Processing Disorder expert--and sufferer--gives people the tools they need to spot and fight it.
Parents are provided with up-to-date advice from an audiologist and the mother of a hearing-impaired child.
Parents are provided with up-to-date advice from an audiologist and the mother of a hearing-impaired child.
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