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Obesity matters. Excess fat is not merely unfashionable, it’s dangerous. In the young it can cause poor self esteem and be socially isolating. In adulthood it can often lead to serious illness and premature death. (Childhood Obesity Foundation)
This book provides sensible and tested guidelines which help parents to create balanced meals, encourage physical activity, and partner with pediatricians, family, schools, and child-care providers in their fight against obesity.
Childhood Obesity  (618.92398 JIM)
This book offers readers and researchers insight into what childhood obesity is, what causes it, and the latest information about treatment and prevention.
Those who experience obesity often perceive social and self-concept issues as the most difficult challenges they must endure. Obesity however, carries health risks that are equally serious.
Amy Hendel has helped hundreds of busy families make lasting changes, lose weight and get healthy together. She can show you how to turn your family around-and help save you and your kids from a lifetime of compromised health and quality of life.
Improving the Health of Canadians  (616.3980971 IMP )
Improving the Health of Canadians promotes healthy weights and demonstrates how patterns of health and disease are largely a consequence of how we learn, live and work.
Obesity  (YA 616.398 OBE)
This book explains what obesity is, provides insight into its causes, and takes a serious look at why it's becoming such an epidemic.
The focus of this DVD is overweight teens and changes in our society in recent years that encourage everyone to overeat and to eat unhealthy foods. The answer to the harsh question posed in the subtitle is that portion sizes are getting larger, fast-food advertising makes unhealthy food appealing, and young people are not exercising enough. There is good information on the revised food pyramid too.
Disrespect for people's bodies, even body-hate, is all too common today. Many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to give their own bodies the love and respect they deserve. Meanwhile, many people think that judgments based on appearance are perfectly acceptable and justifiable. This is especially true in regard to excess weight and obesity, conditions that are on the rise in our society.
The obesity epidemic in particular, the author argues, is connected to food businesses that control almost everything the average American eats.
"ensure post-surgery success and win the weight loss battle for good."
Widespread obesity and the chronic diseases that contribute to the bulk of deaths in the world are, according to the author, less a result of poor individual dietary choices than a consequence of a high-tech, interconnected world in which governments and multinational corporations have extraordinary power to shape our everyday lives.
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