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Although menopause is a natural passage in every woman's life it can be a time of mixed emotions both physically and mentally. The resources below aim to provide a balanced approach and a guide to navigate you through the many stages of menopause.
"straight talk women (and men) need to know to save their sanity, health, and quite possibly their lives."
Hormone Harmony  (615.36 Sta)
The author explains how bioidentical hormones differ from conventional hormone therapy.
Hormones and Your Health  (618.175061 CUL)
An excellent guide for women to learn more about hormonal and alternative therapies during menopause.
Menopause Matters  (618.175 Ede)
a well-balanced and scientifically based book about menopause and the issues regarding hormone and other treatments.
Menopause Sucks!  (618.175 Kim)
what to do when hot flashes make you and everyone else miserable!
a comprehensive resource with simple, unbiased advice on managing this important life stage.
Second Spring  (613.04244 Ni)
Dr. Mao's hundreds of natural secrets for women to revitalize and regenerate at any age.
Stay Young And Sexy  (615.366 Wri )
Explains the science behind bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
The Menopause Book  (618.175 Win)
This book is endorsed by the North American Menopause Society - "the all-in-one bible for women approaching or experiencing menopaue."
the author claims that a drop in reproductive hormones frequently triggers a thyroid slowdown - a "thyropause".
Choosing between conventional therapy and bioidentical hormones can be confusing. This book aims to give an unbiased look at the safety and effectiveness of this popular option.
No this is not an oxymoron! Dr. Northrup delivers a breakthrough message that will help millions of perimenopausal and menopausal women just like you.
Thrive Through Menopause  (618.175 Tro)
smart ways to feel great and enjoy the prime of your life.
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