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Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) affects brain cells. It slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Over time the ability to speak, remember, control emotions, and make decisions may be lost.
A Dignified Life  (616.831 Bel)
If you love someone affected by Alzheimer's disease, you know the tremendous toll caregiving can take on the family. This book offers help with a successful, positive approach to the role of care partnering.
Medium-chain fatty acids are converted by the liver into ketones that are used in the brain as fuel. Ketone research is discussed in this book.
Beyond Alzheimer's  (616.831 Men)
this doctor believes that dementia is primarily the result of bad diet, stress, lack of mental and physical exercise and other poor lifestyle choices.
Local Organizations
Alzheimer Society of York Region
800 Davis Drive, Unit 6
Newmarket L3Y 2R5
Phone: 905.895.1337
Memory Company: Alzhemiers Health Club
100 Renfrew Dr Suite 110
Markham L3R 9R6
Phone: 905 888 8808
In 2003, Lorna Drew and Leo Ferrari made a shocking discovery: Leo wasn't just an absent-minded professor; he had Alzheimer Disease. In Different Minds, Lorna describes her fluctuating emotional journey and outlines her coping strategies, while Leo vividly - and humorously - expresses what AD feels like from the inside.
This book provides the reader with a down-to-earth look at life with Alzheimer's, not only as a medical condition, but as a life experience that many of us or our loved ones will endure.
100 practical ideas for families, friends and caregivers.
written by 2 psychiatrists, this book includes information for patients in the early stages of alzheimer's that can be used for making future decisions on care and treatment.
"the science proven plan to start at any age and make lifestyle changes now to stay vital tomorrow.
a reassuring, informative guide for families and caregivers.
This book contains all the medical, lifestyle, and alternative medicine information you need to stay healthy and prevent progression of this disease.
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