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Mental Disorders
Over 20% of Canadians will suffer a mental disorder in their live time. This figure translates into 4.5 million people. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common.
This workbook is packed with exercises to help people work on their individual issues.
Facing Bipolar  (616.89500835 Fed)
The young adult's guide to dealing with bipolar disorder.
How To Lift Depression Fast  (616.8527 Gri)
talks about the causes of depression and why so many of us are vulnerable to it and more importantly, how to overcome it.
Local Organizations
Canadian Mental Health Association -
York Region Branch
15-1100 Gorham Street
Phone: 905.853.8477
Markham Area Mood Disorders Association (MAMDA)
61 Winchester Lane
Richmond Hill
Phone: 905.889.4057
York Support Services Network
102 Main Street
Newmarket L3Y 3Y7
Phone: 905 310 2673
Child psychiatrists discuss this condition and how psychotherapy is crucial to the success of overall treatment.
Offers straight talk, true stories, and proven strategies that can help you achieve greater balance and free yourself from out-of-control moods.
The Brain Wash  (612.82 COO)
A powerful, all natural program to protect your brain against Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Parkinson's, and other diseases.
The Depths  (616.8527 Rot)
The evolutionary origins of the depression epidemic.
Written in an accessible manner, this book is a comprehensive resource that covers--in compassionate and straightforward terms--what bipolar disorder is, what the symptoms are, how to get a diagnosis, and what types of treatments are available.
When Understanding Depression was first published over ten years ago, it quickly became a trusted guide for millions suffering from depression. This updated and expanded second edition is a highly informed and readable guide to this much misunderstood disease.
Welcome To The Jungle  (616.852700835 Smi)
Everything you ever wanted to know about bipolar but were too freaked out to ask!
If you or someone you love is suffering from postpartum depression, this book aims to give you the information you need to create a quick treatment plan that is right for you.
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