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Travel Health
Information resources specifically about travel health issues.
a comprehensive handbook for a healthy journey.
International Travel and Health  (Virtual Resources)
vaccination certificate requirements and health advice for international travel.
First aid for travelers backpackers and adventurers
PDQ Traveler's Malaria  (362.1969362 Sch)
this guide answers queries posed on malaria and provides full colour atlases of the known malarial countries showing the risk areas and the safe zones.
An indispensable guide to help travelers avoid common and uncommon infections wherever they go.
The Stress-Free Traveler  (613.68 Pat)
gives simple exercises and stretches to keep your cool on trains, planes and automobiles.
Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, this book comprehensively addresses all the health concerns confronting today's traveller.
*Information provided by the Library's Health resources Web pages does not constitute a medical recommendation or endorsement by the Richmond Hill Public Library. Please read the library's disclaimer and copyright notice regarding linked sites. Decisions regarding your health should always involve the assistance of a professional health care professional. If you need immediate medical advice contact your own family physician or the Telehealth service at 1.866.797.0000.